Ready Or Not

The legs are turning but it doesn’t seem that I am getting anywhere.

Credit Where Credit Is Due
ITP-Reader Barb was right, current Thursday night NFL games are also being shown on CBS. Therefore I could have watched the Packers game on TV last week and not whined about not seeing the game in the blog on Friday.

If only someone who is a Packers fan still read the blog…

I’m Still Struggling At “XYZ Corp”
I need to take this as a gigantic learning experience, but I have accomplished nothing other than working myself into a lather because I have been unable to fix our build process. Yesterday pointed me into a new direction where apparently the build script is unable to unlock the keychain, for which I have yet to find an answer.

I keep thinking that coding at home will be the antidote for my woes, but the night goes by in a blink of an eye (great rhyming song lyric for you) and I wind up getting nothing done there either.

My Mother Has Been Preparing Me For This
I have reached an age where it going forward it should not seem unreasonable for the people I admired as I grew up to die. I have watched my mother go through it, now its my generation’s turn.

At 66, Tom Petty seemed “too young” to die, especially the way he did. One of my life’s regrets was not seeing Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers play the concert in Gainesville, FL (their hometown) when I was a student there in the late 1980s / early 1990s.

This marks two of my childhood music idols to have died in the past month. This is one of the many reminders that we should live for today.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Walk Of Art” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

Walk Of Art
Yesterday’s lunch walk found me going around Piedmont Park again. This time I made it up to the north end of the park before bending back south on what I guess is the official Beltline Trail. Along the way I saw a handful of art installations, including this one.

Speaking of walks, I have two planned for later this week — tomorrow I am going to try the “MARTA in, Walk back to my car”, and on Thursday I will do another lunch-time walk (ITP-Reader Steve, let me know on Thursday if you are interested in joining me that day). The goal is to increase my exercise, photography, and potentially my German vocabulary at the same time.

Blast From The Past
German class starts again tonight. I’m not ready. This might be a make or break session for me as I need to start making lasting improvements to my skill level to justify the time and money costs.

Ready or not here we go!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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13 Responses to Ready Or Not

  1. Bit of warning about tomorrow’s blog: there will be technobabble, discussion of watching videos, and perhaps some whining. In other words, you probably won’t notice a difference. 😉

  2. Barb says:

    today is my last day, I hope forever, but Allan thinks I shouldn’t’ quit.
    it is hell here.

    • Hopefully a weekend away with family and hashing nuts will help you. Please say hello for me to all of the Atlanta hashers who expected to see me in Phoenix. 🙂

      I nearly ran Black Sheep on Sunday since the start was so close to the ITP Estate. However, I’m still battling pain and didn’t think that a day of roughing it through the woods and waters of South Atlanta would do me any good.

  3. Stacy says:

    I still read your blog. 🙂 I just haven’t been inclined to respond so much.

  4. HamWithCam says:

    Barb –
    If you are contemplating quitting your 9-5, I hope you have “Made 3 x Lists…”?
    (Happy to discuss further…)

    Hopefully, the time off will give you a chance to reflect on next steps, etc.

    Remember “Life’s too short to drink bad wine…” <– I'll bet Paulie knows who said this.

    In other news, I'm glad Fall has (apparently) arrived.

    Lastly, RIP Charlie T. Junior (AKA "Muddy") Wilbury

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

  5. Steve says:

    Sad to see anyone die “so young” at 66, but I was never a big TP fan. Also sad to see the confusion surrounding the announcement/non-announcement.

    I worked like a field hand yesterday, clearing a fence line that needs some repair. In clearing the line, I found a piece of rebar sticking out of the ground. With the underbrush removed, it now became a hazard to the boys in the pasture. After several attempts to remove it using my wicked new demo tool, I went old school and cut it off and drove the balance into the ground where it wouldn’t be an issue.

    Second to last Games meeting tonight. All done but the crying at this point.

    Walking can happen Thursday, but it may have to be a noon start.


  6. 2.6 miles today, more on this tomorrow. I am constantly amazed how much I can sweat even when the temperature has dropped a little and I am partly walking through a big-city wind tunnel.

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