After a fantastic weekend I am suffering a bit from post Tour de France letdown…

On Saturday I joined Bonnie on a trip to REI for their “garage sale”. I have to say, I was stunned by the poor condition of most of the merchandise being offered, and the not-so-deeply discounted prices. I know, REI. I was in the minority however, as people, I’d say most college-aged or early-twenties, gobbled that shit up.

The afternoon saw the two of us driving to Newnan for the hash. It was a fun time.

I threw a curveball into the mix yesterday. Instead of riding Silk Sheets as I had initially imagined, Bonnie and I hiked the 8.2 miles of mixed-use trails at Cochran Mill Park. Unfortunately I was too tired to hike and enjoy the waterfalls afterward.

I did finally find my favorite winter hat though! WooHoo! It was in a hydration pack I apparently haven’t used since it was very cold outside.

I was not too pooped to stop into Arches Brewing for a beer on the drive home, however.

Good times. Good. Times.

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13 Responses to 2019-07-29

  1. Bonnie says:

    *High five*. Back to reality today. Dropped Nigel off at the vet for a dental cleaning. This visit may reveal why his eating habits have changed, as his bloodwork and other tests all were normal. TBD. FINALLY went to Emerald City Bagels in EAV for the first time (it’s across the street from the vet, so…🤷🏼‍♀️). The bagel was good but I eat bagels so infrequently I don’t really know what a good bagel is supposed to taste like. Or cost. Pricey to me, but I’m sure it’s on par for eating out. Took it to go, but next time I’ll eat it at the counter facing out the window. Going on a walk shortly with a neighbor I recently met, who is the mother of a fellow hasher’s girlfriend. No hashing for me tonight, as I want to keep an eye on Nigel since he is undergoing anesthesia today.

    • Bagels and doughnuts have both skyrocketed in price over the years. Did you get cream cheese?

      Hope all works out for Nigel. Will miss hashing with you tonight, guess I’ll have to be DFL with someone else. 🤨🙂

      • Bonnie says:

        Yeah, cinnamon raisin bagel with cinnamon raisin cream cheese! 😮 You were right Paulie, even for me there was too much cream cheese. Not that I scraped any off mind you 😁, but it was ridiculous and I will ask for less next time. I don’t even want to think about how many calories I consumed. At least I just walked 6 miles—perhaps I worked off one bite. 🙄

  2. Steve says:

    Back from the mountains early. Just ready to be back in our own bed and somebody was missing her dog (who is currently cuddled next to me).

    The Mazda clicked over a quarter million miles on the way home yesterday. Hope it keeps on keeping on.

    Maybe a little exercise today.


  3. And while I have no problem with Egan Bernal winning the TdF, I’m bummed that Team inEOS (née Team Sky) once again has prevailed as they are the New England Patriots / Manchester United / Bayern Munich of cycling.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Nigel ended up needing to have 4 teeth removed and is out of surgery and is recovering well. I can pick him up in a few hours. My checkbook isn’t doing well, but what can you do… If he had any pain, hopefully it will all be gone now and he’ll be back to his old self. I take care of my animals, they go to the vet regularly (and irregularly 🙄) and have had their teeth cleaned and X-rays taken when the vet says it’s time. I guess sometimes things still happen… hey, just like my teeth! 🙄

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