Yesterday I started learning Apple’s newest technology SwiftUI. Unfortunately the book I purchased to do so was rushed to market and the chapters were rearranged and the information is now presented in an illogical order.

It was weird to arrive home and see a blanket of pecan tree leaves all over my property. It appears that my lone pecan tree lost all of its leaves at once yesterday.

Sitting at the Waschsalon waiting on my wash cycle to be done. I spent the evening cooking, eating, and doing some organizing before settling under covers to watch some “tv”.

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  1. Steve says:

    After the cold snap, the driveway is barely visible. The old riding mover (RIP) used to do a reasonable job of “blowing” the driveway. Now I guess it will be the actual blower.

    Got a little ride in last night (“indoors”). Only 44 in the man cave. Rode in tights and a sweatshirt and was fine.

    Just got off the phone with the mizzus who has advised me of the need for an IKEA run prior to Cirque. I believe that means Stacy’s suggestion of Yard House is the dinner winner. Pasta da Pulcinella will be saved for another time.


  2. barb says:

    why is “tv” in quotes?
    because you were watching it on a laptop?

    last time we went to IKEA – we bought nothing.

    • With the exception of live sports I have not watched a show on a channel via cable/satellite in a very long time. These days I am nearly 100% streaming be it Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, soccer, or Disney+. The last of those is brand new, and I will discuss more in tomorrow’s blog.

    • I love IKEA but it’s counterproductive to my “own less stuff” movement.

  3. Last night I made a delicious, of not a tad too spicy, pan of almost-vegan enchiladas. The recipe was for vegan enchiladas, but I couldn’t resist smothering them with cheese. Oops! 😁

  4. Just ate some leftover macaroni and cheese instead of the free company-provided lunch of pre-made sandwiches. The likelihood that any of the sandwiches were vegetarian was very low, and I needed to eat the leftovers today.

  5. Debbie Brady says:

    We’re going to Ikea so I can get two of the big blue shopping bags. They are perfect to carry hay in. Now that we have 3.5 horses I can’t carry all the hay they need in one trip. First world problems; first world solutions.

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