Glad I packed shorts for this trip. Oh no, not because it’s too hot outside, but because when we got home from dinner last night my mother turned the heat on (?) and set it to 79°F! 😓 And then at 7:30pm she turned it up to 80°F!! 🤯 For comparison, I keep my house between 65°F-68°F this time of year.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Oh dear 😮. Or should I say (rein)deer. 🦌

  2. Steve says:

    That’s sauna weather!

    Glad you made it “home” in one piece. I finally slowed down to 65 on the drive in this morning when I had to get off at 10th Street. What a nice place Atlanta would be if that was a normal commute?

    The PCP is checking on writing a script for the gout meds. I was surprised to even get a call back the same day- not exactly known for their responsiveness.

    Dropped “gifts” (i.e. $) for my grand nieces and nephews at my sisters in Oakland City. Lots of renovation happening around. Carol said her daughter, who owns the “house” next door, was offered 6 figures for it- there are holes in the roof and the floor! (and like an idiot, didn’t take it!)

    Ghost town around here… we should be gone by 2.

    Will there be a Christmas blog?


    • Stacy Fox says:

      One one of my walking tours I learned that Oakland City is supposedly the next area to get huge, especially right near/around the MARTA station there, so I’m not surprised at all! Corporations are eyeballing it too because it’s smack between the airport and downtown – primo location. The station has a ridiculous amount of unused parking space too — look for that to be turned into something mixed-use like they did over at Edgewood-Candler Park. Mark my words! 🙂 Or, er, the words of my tour guide last year.

    • Yes Virginia, there will be a Christmas Blog.

  3. Stacy Fox says:

    It was an UXATL tour! 🙂 And, yes – I’m disappointed I couldn’t make it too. I had a friend’s 50th birthday gathering the same day. (and 50’s a big deal!)

  4. Steve says:

    Those are solidly built houses, so there isn’t any reason it won’t pop. My sister has been there for 40 years. Ever hear about a HUD program where you could buy a house for a dollar? Truth, and hers was one.

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