I made the tough decision to once again skip German class last night so that I could go home and be “productive”. After leaving work, driving to Kroger, shopping, heading home, and cooking, it was past 8pm when I finally ate. Not much time left for being “productive”, especially for a tired soul.

Currently sitting outside the Waschsalon, hoping the rain subsides before the attendant arrives. Just looked at the forecast and in order to wait out the rain I’d have to sit here until tomorrow night. ☹️

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9 Responses to 2020-03-04

  1. barb says:

    Boring evening – ate some leftovers – watched some TV.
    Remembered that we have a few bottles of hand sanitizer in a bin – no need to buy any! (saw a story on TV about the price being jacked up) I feel like we got them at the end of STU 1 year – do they expire?
    I think the way to beat this virus is just be careful in public places – what you touch, and wash your hands after.

    • I didn’t get out of the stock market in time, but I did get into the hand sanitizer one before the spike in purchasing! A few weeks ago I needed a refill at home and bought a large bottle. 🙌🏻

  2. Steve says:

    Likewise with the quiet evening. Debbie’s mom’s birthday, so Debbie made a cherry pie! And also some sort of pineapple casserole? She said it was a Southern tradition, but that one passed me by.

    A small blog reader luncheon today. Stacy and myself in the wilds of Peachtree Center!


    • barb says:

      was it that pineapple one that is basically just add a little flour, & cheese & put ritz crackers & butter on the top? that is so surprisingly good – and so easy!

    • Stacy says:

      Whoop whoop! Lunch with Mr. Brady! Anyone else in the area, feel free to join us. We’re meeting at the CFA at 11:30.

  3. Stacy says:

    Ha! I actually thought about the Wash Salon today but then was like: rain. Nope nope. I’ve been there before, finishing up just as it was down pouring outside. It wasn’t pretty. (Why did I use the dryers?) 😉 The street there turns into a lovely little river too….much like everywhere else in Atlanta though. I’m putting my laundry off until Friday after work when it’s supposed to be sunny again.

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