What does it say about my current life that the most exciting thing to happen in some time was cracking an egg that contained two yolks this morning? Seriously.

The rest of my day was routine
– wake up
– make and eat breakfast
– wash and hang laundry
– clean up breakfast mess
– work
– abbreviated exercise because I misread my calendar
– struggle through German class
– fall asleep watching YouTube

Last night I also experimented with one of the few bottles of wine still cellared in my basement, a Scott Harvey Syrah from 2006. According to Barb’s recommendation of CellarTracker I was only four years late in my opening of this bottle. Fortunately my bottle hadn’t corked, and was pretty drinkable. Looks like I know what I will be drinking tonight while virtually hanging out with Betsy.

Have a great Wednesday, friends.

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  1. Steve Brady says:

    We have several bottles we need to look up in that app. Debbie’s old lobbyist for SLMA gave her some nice ones and we can’t remember which they are. Probably past prime, but still..

    A WebEx call with my coworkers yesterday. The first actually since this hit the fan. Good to see them all and most looked good. One guy just wearing a raggedy assed t-shirt- did you not know this was a video call? And he works for the video conference group!!

    Rode the MTB yesterday. Started on the road, then hit the Bear creek trail system and tried to find my way home. I did, but not how I expected. Very few points of reference on the trails, but the sun was low, so I could sort of figure my general direction. Only 3 creek crossings, none of which are rideable.


  2. barb says:

    Cellar tracker is just fun – most red wines will be ok if you have had them stored correctly. We’ve had a couple older bottles that have “lost their fruit”, still drinkable, but just not as tasty as they should have been.

    Had a less than 10 people dinner gathering with Davey & Chew Chew, Deposit & Oops last night. It was supposed to be at a picnic table area Davey had found in Sandy Springs, but with the threat of rain, we moved it to my deck. Rain held of for a while, but it did rain, so the change of venue was a smart one.
    Sal & Joe (Slim) stopped by to say hi after their GUTS run at Kennesaw – the rain started so they showed up a little damp.
    The others brought margaritas – that was the extent of our Cinco de Mayo celebration. I heard much grumbling about peoples to go orders taking forever at Mexican places.

    • When I first moved into the ITP Estate I set up a space to cellar wine – it’s dark, fairly consistent in temperature, and until the plumbing problem completely dry.

      The cork broke upon opening, but it was clear that air never entered the bottle so it was drinkable. 😁

    • I’m not sure it ever rained here. I fell asleep with the sliding door open and never heard anything.

  3. I am unbelievable! I did a Kroger/Aldi run, and though I thought I was only going for “a few things” I managed to spend $180! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Admittedly that includes two bottles of red wine and a twelve pack of Terrapin, but still…

    • barb says:

      I guess I should look at Allan’s receipt from Kroger yesterday. I wonder what all he bought – I know he bought ribs that we are cooking tomorrow evening.

    • Bonnie says:

      I was so proud of myself at Publix yesterday: $104 total: $57 food and wine, $27 household essentials and $20 gifts. It would have been cheaper at Kroger though. I’ve decided to restock essentials weekly (or as needed) instead of bi-weekly.

  4. Steve Brady says:

    Debbie ran the bell last week with $230! I think there was only one case of beer!

    Thank you for keeping the economy running.

    • I am but one person! Oh well, I guess I am set for at least another three weeks now.

      And not that anyone here cares, but Aldi sells cheese curds currently. I may have bought a small bag of Cajun flavored. 🙄

  5. Steve Brady says:

    I think Aldi regularly has cheese curds, and sometimes Kringle! Not as good as the stuff from Wisconsin, but c’mon. Kringle!

  6. Admittedly I shake my head in derision as I start to see so many announcements of things “opening up” again. At the same time, I am finally starting to feel a bit of FOMO as everyone else does fun things.

    • barb says:

      its a whole new world – but we can’t just stop.
      just no touching, and a lot louder talking as we aren’t very close to each other.
      Hashing will be interesting – basically no circles.
      BYOE (everything).

      • When hashing resumes (as if some haven’t had a few trails already) I see a lot of A-to-A trails in our future so that there is no need for a bag car, and all participants can BYOE.

  7. Two “positive” side effects of my outing today was that I started and drove the M6 (first time in nine days) and, I rid the car of at least one little jumping spider that seemed to think that it could claim the car as “home”. The other day I counted no fewer than six little jumping spiders running all over the outside of the car.

  8. This is ironic, even after spending so much money on food this morning I have no idea what I will be eating for lunch! I think I purchased everything with future meals in mind, which to be fair will provide ample leftovers for future lunches. Oh well, I’ll figure it out shortly…

    • barb says:

      I was just thinking about lunch as well. I kind of need to go to CVS (or Walgreens) & was thinking, what is near those stores? I have food at the house, but……. nothing there sounds good.
      Leftover pizza from last night will be dinner.

      • Bonnie says:

        I don’t know if you reheat it or not, but cold pizza is one of my favorite foods.

        • barb says:

          you got that right – leftover pizza is the best! I didn’t feel like having garlic breath this morning, so I decided I’d eat it tonight. (Garlic, tomato, bacon pizza was so good last night)

      • Cold Pizza and Mountain Dew — Breakfast of Programmers!

    • I may have just eaten the two leftover biscuits that I made this morning with at least one serving of Cajun cheese curds. Damn that was good!

  9. Oh yeah, I saw that both stores I visited this morning had a limited amount of toilet paper, but unfortunately neither had the two things I want to buy — alcohol (hand sanitizer) or Lysol.

    Tomorrow there will be a funny (to me) story about my journey this morning.

  10. barb says:

    I went to CVS, the cashier makes you use the self checkout, but then stands there to “advise”. that was entertaining.

  11. I want to buy a couple of high-quality reusable masks, you know, just in case this phenomenon catches on… There is no shortage of advertising of them on Instagram but I don’t know how good any of these are. Anyone out there order one? Have suggestions? FWIW – I cannot sew.

    • barb says:

      I have a friend in Athens making me some.
      Ask Martha (aka Laura) – she’s been sewing up a storm, I know she’d make some for you.

    • Bonnie says:

      I think we need a good stock of whatever we use, as I think you’re really only supposed to wear them once (very carefully putting on and removing, and not touching it otherwise) before washing. Regardless, I don’t like the idea of touching and/or re-wearing anything that has been out in the world as I walk through clouds of COVID. I need to prioritize getting my stash in order, and attempting a few more makeshift ones.

    • Bonnie says:

      I’d ask my mom to make you some, but I think the ones she makes will be too small for your head and beard. They barely fit me. I second asking Martha. I’ll text you a photo of examples of hers.

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