My morning started fairly early yesterday, I was in the M6 by 7:45am. Knowing that Kroger opens at 8:00am these days I took a drive around beforehand to give the M6 some much-needed exercise. I arrived at Kroger about 8:05am and walked up to the door and grabbed a cart (after wiping it down with a cloth I brought with me). The last time I did a Kroger run, admittedly to Glenwood and not South Moreland Avenue, there was a line at the door and they were only letting seniors in until a certain time. I couldn’t recall if the “general public” was allowed in at 8:00am or 9:00am however, so given that Kroger’s time to open is 8:00am I assumed the latter. Because of this I wasn’t too surprised to see three people lined up inside the store; I assumed that Kroger was throttling the flow of people. After waiting about ten minutes I realized that I might be in line for the Customer Service / Cash (Bank? Food Stamps?) counter. Upon confirming my theory with the man standing in front of me I exited the line and proceeded to start my shopping.

For some reason I couldn’t be contained yesterday and needed to get out. I rode my road bike around, 2.5 miles in total just to test out the mechanicals, and determined that all is well with it. Barb, I will work out a meetup for a tuneup in the near future when it’s convenient for you and Allan. Once satisfied with the state of my road bike I returned home and transitioned to my mountain bike and rode down to Perimeter College (or whatever it’s called these days) and back. The reason for the switch is knowing how bad Bouldercrest Road is these days, many potholes, and wanting the fat tires and front suspension to combat them. It was a tough ride back due to the wind, but I was pleased that I accomplished it. (Un)Fun fact, I was the only cyclist I saw (of about six) who was wearing any sort of face mask.

Upon returning home and freshening up with a shower I started my dinner preparation. My meal last night was roasted Beyond bratwurst with vegetables —- onion, shallot, garlic, tomato, green bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, potatoes — seasoned only with some oil, salt, and pepper. The meal was amazing, and I have three more servings to boot!

This morning started early again today as I arose at 5:30am to start the process of baking pumpkin bread. You know that I am capitalizing on this unseasonably cool weather by using my inefficiently insulated oven, right? 😉

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday.

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  1. Stacy Fox says:

    So, what was it? Seniors 7-8 or 8-9? Asking for a friend who needs to run to Kroger….

    • There didn’t seem to be any rule yesterday, at least after 8:00am. No one approached me once I started shopping, perhaps even wearing a mask I look like a senior? LOL

  2. Oh yeah, I did some hand washing of clothes yesterday afternoon too because I couldn’t pass up the perfect day to hang some clothes on a line to dry!

  3. Steve Brady says:

    Or maybe they looked at you and thought you were a senior!! Hahahahahaha
    Kroger senior hours are 7-8 M-Th. AMHIK.

    And you wore a mask while you rode? That might be a bit much. Carry one for sure, but unless you’re in a group, I think it’s overkill.

    Debbie made a run to Tar-jay yesterday and said about 80% were masked, which would be more than I expected for around here.

    Finally pulled the trigger on a new heart rate monitor. Tried to shop local, but Outback doesn’t carry what I was looking for.

    After watching an episode of Pioneer Woman last week, I made burgers and Mexican street corn on the grill for dinner last night. I put in too many onions and the brugers didn’t stay together too well, but they were tasty. The street corn was just Chipotle spice and a Mexican cheese. Pretty good as well.


    • More than half of my ride was on the South River Path. I passed at least fifteen people, all within three feet never mind six, due to the narrowness of the path and some people’s inability to move to one side. My “mask” was a headband, which provided ample airflow and a bit of comfort knowing that I was passing so many unmasked people out exercising. Besides, I’ve come this far without contracting COVID-19, why add any risk now? When I walk I have one “at the ready” but 99% of the time I am able to swing well wide of any passersby.

    • And speaking of heart rate monitors, I see that Wahoo Fitness just released a new version of their TICKR, the TICKR X. I’ve not investigated what new features it provides, mostly because I do not need a new heart rate monitor.

  4. barb says:

    I went & met Vanessa (HoPo) for a walk last night – it was really windy.
    We cut it short & only went about 2.5 miles. the inside of my left knee is bothering me too – is something actually wrong? or am I just getting old. Who knows.

    Scofflaw is right near by – we stopped by to get some hard seltzer – Its ok – I’m not a huge fan (she is), but I wanted to support the brewery. They are selling hand sanitizer, small bottles – and by the gallon. I guess $42 for a gallon might be an ok price, but wow – seems high!

    • I’m not a fan of any seltzer, it’s just not my thing.

      That does seem high, but also paying $6/pint for a beer at a brewery also seems high to me.

      Good luck with your knee. I know I occasionally have pain that seems unrelated to anything.

  5. Trying to figure out how I will accomplish all of my tasks today:
    – I signed up for a second German class (re-taking a level I was in over a year ago since I’ve not “learned” it)
    – I would like to get some exercise
    – today’s SwiftUI work is kicking my ass
    – and of course I have a job

    something has to give…

  6. HamWithCam says:

    Really easy bread recipe (Jacques Pépin):

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

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