Congratulations, the world has returned to “normal”. At least that’s the conclusion to which I’d come from the lack of precaution being shown by the people I saw and hung out with this weekend. I must also shoulder some blame because I too was lax on occasion.

That being said my weekend was fun, and completely exhausting.

It all started very early on Saturday morning, around 4am, when I once again heard a noise coming from somewhere outside the house. It was an animal sound with which I was unfamiliar. The animal continued to call out well past 7am, so I decided to go outside on my deck to take a look. This week’s East Atlanta wild animal sighting was a fox, rambling though a few backyards, including my jungle! Oh boy. What’s up for next Saturday? A deer? A coyote? A bear?

I ignored the fox and went on a short walk with Betsy. Because Betsy had to be home by 10:15am I was able to scurry back home and get on my mountain bike and meet up with the gang headed out to ride the Beltline. That’s right, I finally lost my “full” Beltline virginity! The ride was interesting, very difficult due to the mud, and had to be altered since we couldn’t ride the CSX rails due to security. While washing my bike yesterday morning I discovered the battle with “chain suck” that I experienced toward the end may have been caused by an apparently-broken front derailleur. After 20 years? Don’t we build things to last any more?

Yesterday Bonnie and I drove (!) together (!!) wearing masks (!!!) all the way to Cartersville (!!!!) for Black Sheep. The trail was difficult and I struggled from Saturday’s ride, the weather, and having to go around and up steep hills filled with big rocks. After being out for over two hours Bonnie and I shortcut to the end, apparently missing two of the three tunnels on trail. Oh well, I was exhausted and was ready to be done. I’m liking A-to-A Black Sheep trails, though Surly says we’ll be doing A-to-B trails again in July. Upon arriving home I had enough energy to empty the car, shower, and eat a bowl of leftover spaghetti before passing out.

Hope your weeks was a rewarding, and that you are remaining healthy.

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  1. Steve Brady says:

    Sounds like a good weekend. And once again, my invitation to ride the beltline was lost in the mail!!

    I was a little productive both days. While Debbie worked an event at Chatt Hills Saturday, I repaired a window on her trailer she tried to remove with a tree a month or so ago. These windows “flop down” so they are totally open for airflow. This had several rivets still attached and one screw holding on for dear life. I drilled out the old rivets, straightened the hinge as best as I could and re-riveted the window. Not perfect, but acceptable.

    Sunday had me out on the scooter for a couple hours, then a couple hours mowing pasture, followed by a good half hour on the trainer. Just didn’t want to get on the road.

    And the CX bike that I had the rear flat on last week, has a flat rear again. GRRRRR,


    • This is a ride setup by Dean (aka Jackass). I didn’t think that I was going to be able to get there in time until Saturday morning when Betsy told me she had to be home by 10:15am. Normally we have been walking slowly to at least 10:30am.

  2. Saw Sal’s photos from yesterday’s Black Sheep which included a photo of the tunnel and shot stop Bonnie and I missed because we decided to shortcut back to the start/end.

    I just took the water bladder out of my faux Camebak and I nearly consumed all two liters of water during the 5.3 miles of trail that we did.

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