Another short one for you today as not much noteworthy happened in my world yesterday. I spent two hours voting (including the walk to/from my polling place), did a load of laundry, worked, napped, ate leftovers. That’s it!

I expect no earthshaking events will happen today. I intend to go to Kroger this morning to restock the refrigerator and pantry, work, exercise, and then cook dinner for another virtual Top Chef night with Betsy. I am pretty well caught up on my daily laundry thanks to the a hot and relatively sunny afternoon yesterday, so I am giving myself a day off from that chore today.

Hope you are remaining healthy friends.

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  1. Trip to Kroger done! I discovered yesterday that (Glenwood) Kroger is open at 5am, so I hustled over to beat the crowds. Kroger’s printed receipt no longer shows how much money is saved through the use of coupons, but my rough estimate is $15 on a basked which originally totaled $162.

    Though I bought no alcohol, crap my recipe tonight calls for white wine!, I did score by picking up some 70% isopropyl alcohol, a large container of disinfectant wipes, a medium size pump of hand sanitizer, and two cans of Lysol. 🎉

  2. Steve Brady says:

    It’s a shame that we rival a third world country in our voting. While I’m sure there were technical glitches with the new voting equipment and a learning curve for everyone, there was plenty of other evidence that the vote is being suppressed. No wonder there is such resistance to voting by mail… fraud is the least of their worries.

    Work, ride the trainer to a Vuelta stage with a 25% climb at the finish, last Games meeting for a while, Outlander, bed. What day is it? March the 73rd?

    And this is my FRIDAY! Eye doctor at 0730 tomorrow in Decatur. No telling what the rest of my day will hold.


    • I can’t believe this voting system of using a card, printing out your votes (!), and then taking them to a scanner is better than most of the systems used in the past 50 years. And it is fraught with more delays since a person has to reset every machine prior to the next voter using it.

      I also don’t see the benefit of having the names of all of the candidates who are no longer in the running on the ballot. Why don’t we all vote on the same day for primary elections, the same way we do for the actual election?

  3. Steve Brady says:

    That would make too much sense. And instead of only one choice, chose 1st and 2nd choice and that way there would only rarely be a runoff.

    I always thought the cards had the ballot information, now instead of tabulating those, the paper ballot is counted. God only knows what the QR code actually states.

  4. Bonnie says:

    My “big thing” for the day is helping out a friend who had a hip replacement Monday. He had the other one replaced last year and he recovered amazingly quickly. I should try and get a bike ride in today but between life’s obligations and the weather it probably won’t happen. Likely will have to fire up one of my many new home fitness apps…

  5. Drinking coffee for the first time since Saturday morning, which for me is a long stretch of time. It is much needed today due to a poor night of sleep.

  6. Steve Brady says:

    I think I got up to let the dogs out at some point, but I can do that and not really wake up- it’s a gift.

    I don’t know if a ride is in the cards today- dinner for a friends birthday tonight.

  7. Bonnie says:

    Not too many of you probably care except Paulie and Lurker, but looks like they will be starting some Bill Kennedy Way Beltline interim improvements on the 15th. https://beltlineorg-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Final-Presentation_SW_StudyGroup_BKW-Meeting-Construction_6.4.20-1.pdf

    • ITP Lurker says:

      NICE! I’m always happy to take anything I can get with regard to the Beltline (or BeltLine if I’m being proper). I’ve heard talk of them improving that stretch of things, I’m glad to see they’re starting to get somewhere. Even without the bridge just cleaning up the existing access will be so much better. Thanks, Bonnie!

  8. I wish all retailers had the same conventions…. I am trying to order a utility cart from Target that is out of stock. Target has a “Ship to Store” option, which I choose and it appears in my virtual Cart. However, when I go look at the Cart it is empty and there is a message that something has been put in “Saved for Later”. No, I want to buy it now and have it shipped to my local Target store; when it arrives I want to go pick it up! Ugh.

  9. barb says:

    crazy busy at work still.
    Paulie- Allan has ordered your replacement derailleur

    I finally watched the Lance Armstrong espn documentary – I found it interesting.
    and – he really is a dick.

  10. Huh, I guess that I didn’t need to water my outdoor plants this morning. At least my dirty sneakers are finally getting a rinsing.

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