It has been an unplanned slow start to my week.

The weekend was a Tale of Two Weekends
– Good
– Not So Good
Fortunately the former outweighs the latter, except financially.

I woke very early Saturday morning with the mindset of making a dent in the yard work that I am hoping to get done. I spent over three hours, yes that’s correct, bushwhacking and English Ivy pulling. I was spurred on because my efforts to pull the ivy was going so well. English Ivy’s literal strength was also its weakness in the shallow dirt that currently covers my brick patio. I played and won many games of tug of war, filling four leaf bags with strands of the weed. The job is not done, yet. I was going to tackle more of the work this morning, but I was too tired to motivate myself.

After an exhausting morning I joined Bonnie on a journey to the Lee & White brewery district where we hung out with a couple of friends we met via Urban Explorers.

Yesterday Bonnie and I decided not to drive to Flowery Branch for the Hog Mountain Hash, and she decided that she didn’t want to attempt her first Wheelhopper. Instead, we copied Davey Crochet’s Tour Plan and did a nice hike through a new-to-me park in Peachtree Corners called Simpsonwood. After our hike we rewarded ourselves with beer from Social Fox Brewing and Tucker Brewery, both of which are in the Hop Passport program.

Not So Good
It turned out to be a good day to skip Wheelhopper, but not so good to hang laundry to dry. Nowhere in the weather forecasts that I looked at was rain ever mentioned, but rain it did and soaked my clothes. However, when you read this next section you’ll see why I thought this was a blessing.

Guess who is going to be getting an air conditioner upgrade!!! 🤨 I guess the ITP Estate’s air conditioner didn’t like playing second-fiddle and said “Hold my beer!”. While the temperature wasn’t that bad on Saturday morning I knew I’d be hot and sweaty when I was done, so I turned the air conditioner on to cool the inside while I worked outside. When I was nearly finished with my work I came inside and was confused by a subtle noise I didn’t recognize, and the air conditioner was not running. I debugged the problem and determined the blower may have died, and the went outside to find the pipes frosted. I let the system defrost all day, and when I returned home I flipped the switch for the fan — nothing. Sure wish I had some of that sweet Stimulus money now…

Hope you had a great weekend and are staying healthy.

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19 Responses to 2020-06-15

  1. I just ate two wonderful hard boiled eggs that I made using my Instant Pot. 😋

  2. ITP Lurker says:

    Protestors from the Wendy’s came to the Grant Park precinct Saturday night, resulting in teargassings on Cherokee Ave. 20+ Georgia State Patrol cars roared down my street as well. Protestors walked my street yesterday and I’ve read unconfirmed reports of looting at the Beacon and in Summerhill. The Wendy’s in question is 1.7 miles from my house, which I quickly surmised is WAY too close for comfort. Especially when one has pallets of bricks in front of one’s house standing by for a sidewalk replacement in progress.

    Regardless, Black Lives Matter.

    • Yikes!

      Returning home from Lee & White I drove RDA to Georgia Ave with the intent on going around Grant Park via the south side as I do often. Of course it never dawned on me that there would be protestors at the police precinct! Upon seeing a gathering I quickly u-turned and went home via the north side of the park.

  3. Steve says:

    Good job on the yard work. I PM’d the tractor, then mowed the bank next to where the trailer parks. Saturd, I went in search of a battery for my drill. Lowes website said the store on Camp Creek had 6 (!!) but on arrival had NONE! So much for online inventory. That stop was on the way to Marietta to the scooter store, where I picked up a few items.

    Sunday, a cookout with the Bear Creek crowd. Did I report that the property has SOLD?!? Close in July- a young couple (Estes HVAC heirs) into horses, but not fox hunters.. yet.


  4. Steve Brady says:

    they sold the business, which is why they can buy Bear Creek!!

  5. Dying electronics is become a theme. I put a new battery into a small clock/thermometer to see what the temperature is in my home office and it worked for an hour and the screen is now blank. Inserting another brand of AAA battery has not helped.

  6. HamWithCam says:

    If your outside AC unit ices up, it’s indicative of low refrigerant.

    Recharge (add refrigerant) and/or check for a leak.
    (Possibly on your inside coil, the air blows over to cool)
    A decent HVAC tech will have a freon leak sniffer (detector) on the truck.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

  7. HamWithCam says:

    BTW: If the inside coil ices up (low refrigerant) then there will be little/no air coming out your vents with the blower going.

    Put your unit on “fan” and let it thaw.
    Pro tip: that melting ice has to go somewhere, double-check your condensate line.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

  8. Bonnie says:

    Since it’s “cool” outside, I made miso soup for lunch. 😂😂😂

  9. Stacy says:

    Wow, not even a Stacy mention? Considering it’s both Davey and I who put the walking/beer tour plans together every weekend, and shoot, at least *I’m* an ITP reader.

    Okeedokee, I see how I rate.

    • My apologies. You need a better publicist because every time I hear people refer to these they just mention Davey so I thought he was the pied piper.

      You were the only one I mentioned on Instagram. 😁

      • Stacy says:

        Davey’s the Facebook moderator for the group…..ah to be retired with all the time in the world! 😉 Truly though he does a better job of getting the word out, but we usually take turns coming up with the plan. Barb actually has a lot of the suggestions as well.

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