I am early. I am often early. Today I am fifteen minutes too early to go directly inside Lowe’s. I don’t have much to buy today, I just want to knock this chore out before the store gets busy.

Ugh, I just encountered my inability to blog using my iPhone thanks to the latest version of WordPress’s shortcomings. Moving to a text editor…

Yesterday I intended to work in the yard, cleaning up what the City left behind and assessing what they scraped up using their oversized claws for the process of yard waste removal. However my plan was thwarted by an early afternoon rainstorm. Instead, I popped into the basement and put in a tough 45 minutes on the trainer.

Last night I restarted watching and working along with Stanford’s Swift/SwiftUI course known in the world of programmers as “CS193p”, its Stanford course identity. It was past 9pm when I finished the first two lectures, and I rewarded myself by watching some mindless videos.

Today I refocus on work, need to put some time into preparing for tomorrow night’s German class, and hope to catch up with Betsy.

Hope you all are happy and are remaining healthy.

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12 Responses to 2020-07-29

  1. Lowe’s trip completed. I was able to purchase most of what I wanted to buy, though the gift card I received as a rebate some time within the last year was a complete bust. I tried scanning it, and a cashier did as well, neither of us could get it to be recognized. Irritating.

  2. Steve Brady says:

    A fairly slow day yesterday. Made chicken tacos for lunch (WHAT!!) then had a light-ish dinner. Since it was slow, I went further into my online course. After a nice Python intro/basics presenter, the next section on data mining has a hard to understand (for me) female presenter. I’m going to listen to the same lecture AGAIN and see if I can pick it up.

    15 miles on CX last night. Cut a bit short by weather that looked closer than it was. Took the Bear Creek shortcut via the trail system instead of on public roads, so more than half my ride was unpaved. Had the HR to 164 at the end of the longest climb- pretty good for an old geezer with one heart attack under his belt.


  3. barb says:

    Craziness coming back to work – too much to do & not enough people.

  4. Another good rain coming down in EAV.

  5. This is strange. I swear that I scheduled a free delivery of mulch / wood chips from a local tree service, but cannot find a confirmation email nor mention of doing so in the blog. 🤪

    My browser history shows I searched for free mulch on June 27th, which seems about the right time to me. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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