I’m sitting outside the Waschsalon; it’s like life has returned to normal, well, except that I am in shorts and a T-shirt and will be wearing a mask while doing laundry and not going into the office when done. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Yesterday was a new-normal day of work, 45 minutes on the trainer, and all meals eaten were prepared by my hands. I did spend time watching an old Top Chef while texting Betsy as well.

Once I am done with laundry I will be heading home to do work, and later be sitting in German class. I am hoping to shoehorn in a workout and knocking out a few simple chores to tick them off by month’s end tomorrow.

Here’s to staying well!

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15 Responses to 2020-07-30

  1. Well, this could put a complete roadblock in my plan, I just walked into the Waschsalon and the attendant told me that currently there is no water. Dangen!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Yesterday’s big excitement was Nigel cat’s annual vet visit. He was uncooperative so they couldn’t draw blood, so I have to bring him back next Wednesday, this time prepped with a couple doses of sedative. They could have sedated him at the vet and been done with it but it’s more expensive than the take-home sedative and I’ve spent enough money this week. His report card labeled him as aggressive. 😕

    Also yesterday I purchased my first cooler ever! 😮 All my current coolers were free in some manner, and most are soft-sided and none remain cold for more than an afternoon. It’s just a smaller 28 quart so I may still need to rent some cooler space from Paulie on campouts. 😄 I almost bought a big one (55 quarts) but the one I’m currently looking at is really better suited for when I someday acquire a vehicle with a hatchback.

  3. Steve says:

    I know it’s an ecological disaster, but I think Styrofoam is still the best insulator. I once had a huge SF cooler that would keep ice for days and days.

    A quiet, frustrating day yesterday. I haven’t gone back to the Python class to see if I can figure out how to load the dataset- GRRRR!! I might move to the next class and see if it works any better and my last option is to reinstall. Oh. What. Fun.

    Watching the Jeopardy “best of” last night. Your man, Jeff Probst from Survivor was pretty sharp and Charles Barkley was at least funny.

    Anyone interested in a long ride on the Comet Saturday? Sunday is a work day for me.


  4. Home again. I toyed with the idea of stopping in Home Depot and Whole Foods on Ponce, but couldn’t be bothered today.

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