6:45am. I have been awake for a little while, and have already consumed breakfast. Again the plan was to go out and work in the yard this morning, and again I have talked myself out of doing so. 😕

Yesterday I felt the need to get out of the house and did satisfied it by running a couple of errands; not all mind you, because that would have been sensible.

I decided to drive to IKEA to look at a few things, none of which I actually “need”. Normally IKEA is a bad idea because I hate the people who meander all over the store, this is amplified during these mask-wearing COVID Days. FFS PEOPLE PUT ON A MASK AND ENSURE THAT IT IS ALSO COVERING YOUR NOSE!!! The “shelves” of IKEA are currently fairly barren, as if it is week two of a going out of business month. I didn’t find much, so I was in and out as quickly as I could be.

My next stop was at Target. I was there to pick up three items, one of which was to be a new globe lightbulb for my bathroom fixture. Newsflash, you can no longer buy just one, and all globe bulbs in this Target were overpriced LEDs. While in Target I ordered a package of four LEDs globe bulbs from Amazon for half the price. I will either replace all of the bulbs at once, or have a mishmash of two incandescent and one LED.

I considered going to Lowe’s to see if I could get one incandescent globe bulb, as well as price a few other things for the yard/house, but by that time my need to be out of the house had expired.

Last night I finally started reading Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood”, a book which I borrowed from Betsy almost three years ago. I don’t read much. Oddly she’s never mentioned the book’s return. I should have been studying German at this time, but couldn’t be bothered.

Today I need to work (duh!), need to exercise (duh!), and need a major attitude adjustment for the better.

Hope you are healthy and happy.

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  1. Bonnie says:


  2. Steve says:

    To complete the insult to Target, were you using the stores WiFi to order from Amazon?

    Debbie was awake even earlier than me (!!) in order to put the horses out and take Ceili over to do the hound walk. This will be good training for her getting ready to hunt in the fall.

    I was chased home from my bike ride by a large thunderstorm yesterday afternoon. Had I not noticed it, i would have surely gotten soaked.

    Logger was at it hard yesterday. He has worked a path all the way around the property and has readied most of the trees out front for the trip to the mill. He now has piles around the house to collect and prepare, as well as more to take down.

    An actual Games meeting (Zoom) last night. We are having a “virtual Games” with recorded performances from musicians and dancers. I don’t know if the pipe bands will be involved, but I can’t imagine not. Should be interesting. And a virtual whisky tasting!! As I said at the meeting, since this will be the only time I can get the the whisky tasting, I expect to be included!


  3. barb says:

    Talked to my brother super briefly last night – no estimates at all on getting power back. No gas, no ice, the grocery store was open, I guess they have generators. They grilled some food outside for dinner. Looks like soon enough everything in the fridge & freezer will need to be thrown out. I feel bad being so far away, I feel like I should be helping. but with what – who knows.

    Saw a crazy crash at the final sprint at the Tour of Poland – yikes!

    • Steve says:

      That crash was last week and the rider who threw the elbow not only got tossed from the race (plus a 500 SF fine) the UCI disciplinary panel is considering a ban of some sort. Now that’s bad.

      It’s good to be working from home when Mac decides to go on walkabout. Debbie left the gate open and he just wandered into the back yard without a care in the world.

    • Barb sent me a video, which I was going to try and post here but have not had the time, of that crash. Completely unnecessary, and has hurt some riders badly.

      • Steve says:

        Very. And it’s not like Sagan and the Aussie from a couple years ago at the TdF, where he was trying to make a hole and crashed. This was clearly a “I don’t want you to beat me in the sprint, so here’s an elbow” move. Very sad.

  4. barb says:

    Trying to talk my brother & parents into renting a car, and coming to GA (or go to WI).
    My mom actually called me – tom showed her again how to use the cell phone.
    We will see.
    they say it will be a week or longer before they get any power.
    I think they need to roadtrip.

    • Bob says:

      It has to be tough being far away and not able to directly help. I hope they get straightened out and get to safety.

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