It’s 6:20am so I have already missed my opportunity to be at Lowe’s at 6:00am. This is potentially a good thing given that my shin is still hurting me today, so perhaps another rest day is in order. There goes my magical weight loss plan… 😢

If not for the owl who took up residence in a backyard tree yesterday the day would have been fairly boring. I did make it to CHaRM and got rid of some more stuff, though I felt I was wrongly charged $4 because they weighed my paint, chemicals, and empty aerosol cans together, putting me fourteen pounds over the “25 pounds for free” mark. I questioned this, and was told that I was mistaken.

Even though I didn’t deserve a treat, I let myself end the evening by watching the first episode of the Eco Challenge: Fiji. I know our hashers friends don’t get much air time, but does anyone know the team name and/or number they had?

Today I will have to put my nose to the grindstone and do some good work, and some efficient German studying before connecting with Betsy for an hour of virtual “Top Chef”.

That’s all I have today. Hope you all are remaining healthy.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    You should have texted me before you watched it and I would have sent you the info. Sorry I didn’t send it earlier. They are wearing blue shirts and are team 49. From Chris: “You can see both me and peter in episode 3 at 8:33 full like 2 entire seconds. And then you can see me climbing for a brief second in episode 4 before I slip. 44:44. Thanks for capturing me at my best Eco. I’m just through episode 5 at the moment so maybe some more to come. We shall see.”

  2. Steve says:

    Your weight loss plan involves Lowes? Were you planning on cutting off a body part with a saw?

    A day of a little work, data science studying and conference calls. Studying and watching the videos is so much more interesting when you can actually do the programming and see the results, although the video has a command they enter and get a 3×3 display of graphs, and I enter the same exact command and get a 2×2. I’m confused.

    Dusted off the scooter for a warm ride to Manchester and Warm Springs. Not bad when you are moving. Cut grass and wandered the “new pastures”. Still lots of work to do but we can see the FUTURE!


    • Indirectly, yes. My weight loss plan involves hours of yard word, for which I need things from Lowe’s.

      Good luck moving forward with the Python coding, and the pasture creating.

  3. barb says:

    Looks like tonight I will be meeting Martha (aka real name Laura) and Claire, and who knows who else at Red’s Beer Garden for corndogs. Stacy was supposed to be in, but she has found something “better” to do. Anyone else is welcome.

    Last night Bob came over to “help” Allan swap out his new bike frame – all that jumping off shit finally broke Bob’s old bike. good to see Bob & catch up on stuff.

    • I’d break up your girls night if not for my standing appointment with Betsy. Enjoy Red’s, it’s one of my favorite places to drink these days.

      Ooh, a new bike frame. Did Allan check for tire marks on the old frame? 😂

      • barb says:

        Not sure if its really just girls tonight – but who knows???? ‘
        Allan was going last week, but it got changed to this week. Now he’s at the firehouse. So, I may have to deliver a corn dog to him.

    • Bob says:

      Fun catching up Barb!
      Apparently carbon fiber and cement walls don’t mix very well. I was hopping up on to a wall and hit the frame just in front of the bash guard. Very expensive lesson and now this bike will not be for rambling any more.

    • Bonnie says:

      I’d come tonight if I were solo. I can’t seem to sell Red’s to the husband… 😢

  4. Feeling bummed that my leg seems to not be improving at all with time. Further frustrating me is that I really have no clue why I am injured. ☹️

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