I’ve decided not to beat myself up today because I slept too late to go to Lowe’s this morning. I have been sleeping too much lately (IMO) but that’s another matter. Shin is feeling a touch better today, but I think I should take another day of rest to give it more time to heal.

Along with some more work in the back yard, the Lowe’s trip is needed to buy things that are required to start my first ever big boy home garden. This garden will be small, as it should be for the first effort, but I am hoping to set things up for a Fall garden that will become larger next Spring. Exciting, no? If I can pull this off it will be another “positive” to come out of my COVID-19 Shelter In Home Time – making lemonade out of lemons.

Last night I raided the cupboard and freezer and whipped up my dinner for Top Chef Night. I pulled out some frozen (fake) chicken nuggets, cut up a red bell pepper and garlic, opened a can of bamboo shoots and a jar of Chinese Black Pepper Sauce, and then cooked all that before stirring in a packet of pre-cooked stir fry noodles. I must say, for “winging it” the dish was alright.

In a minute I will be starting my day’s coding, and later will be studying German in preparation for tonight’s class; these are my main focuses for today.

Not much else is going on in my world at the moment. I hope you all are happy and healthy.

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  1. Oh, and yesterday I received confirmation of the cancellation of my LA Fitness membership — $19.99 a month saved. Woot! I have no gripe with the club, it’s just I haven’t gone at all in a long time, even before COVID-19, and I can’t see myself going anytime soon, so there is no need to spend the money.

  2. Steve says:

    20 bucks is 20 bucks!

    I woke this morning with my head spinning. I remember rolling over as I turned out the light last night and the world started turning. I hoped by morning things would realign, but not so far.

    16 miles on the CX bike prior to the evening showers last night. A pretty good storm for a while.

    The loggers have a bit more to do as well as a little clean up today and that will be it. 14 trailer loads have gone to the mill as of yesterday, which is an impressive number of logs. It all looks like hell at the moment but we can see the future and it will be lovely!


    • Sorry to hear you are still suffering from vertigo.

      Rained like hell at the ITP Estate yesterday. I did a check on the pepper plants this morning and am glad to report no loss of the one pepper or multiple flowers. 😅

  3. Strange, I just paid my Dekalb property taxes online and the service fee ($1.97) was reported as “Goodyear Auto Center Services”. I know there is corruption in Government, but this is ridiculous (or reported incorrectly) by the credit card company.

  4. Today’s second WTF is regarding Apple’s latest beta of Xcode, the software development environment used to write apps. I downloaded the 11GB (!) compressed file last night, but when I attempt to install it today I get an error message telling me that there is not enough disk space to do so; according to Finder there are 71GB available, how much space does it need?

  5. I should have requested wood chips from Boutte Tree Services, they are doing work across the street again. Perhaps I should contact them to get a quote for limbing some trees over my property, and to see how much they’d charge to take down the dead pine tree out back. #LookAtMeTryingToBeLikeSteveAndDebbie 😁

    • Steve says:

      Those will give you the chips- just ask!! And they might make you a deal for the work since they are right across the street.

      • Bob says:

        What Steve said, they may even do a under the table deal for cash since they are there and you can save a ton.

    • barb says:

      what Steve said! Wood chips are great to stop some of the weeds & ivy. that’as what we do. (black landscape fabric under it helps too)
      Go ask the guys – you will get a better deal, since they are in the neighborhood. If they have to come back, it might be more.

    • They are nothing I’d not efficient. I went outside to see about discussing matters and they were already gone.

  6. barb says:

    no Red’s Beer Garden last night – it got so dark, I looked at the radar, glad I did, that would have been miserable.
    Rescheduled for next Wednesday – maybe 3rd try we will actually make it.
    and – Allan can go next week – he would have hated missing the corndogs.

    Finally finished a good stalker Netflix show called You.
    Now to pick a new show that Allan would never want to watch.
    Any suggestions?

    • It came down in buckets again last night, smart to postpone.

      Obviously I have nothing to,suggest because no one likes to watch the crap that I like to watch. 😂

    • Steve says:

      As you are more in the know than we are, I assume you are/have already watched Yellowstone?

      Since Debbie rides early on Wednesday, maybe we might come in if it looks like a nice evening.

      Too bad about the chips, Paulie. 5 man crew, $20 per head with $40 to the boss- easy money and cheap!

      • barb says:

        no – have not watched Yellowstone yet. We are watching Jack Ryan together. Allan would probably want to watch Yellowstone. I need something next for me.

    • Bob says:

      Check out Bloodline, crazy story set in the Florida Keys.

  7. barb says:

    Mom & dad got cable & internet back working – not that the wifi is that big of deal, but being able to watch the news is!
    now just to get a landline back……….

    • Baby steps…

      Their storm, as do many destructive storms, exposed how delicate our infrastructure is in this country. We chose “cheaper” and “faster to install” over “robust”.

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