I’m tired today, both physically and mentally. For some reason I could not fall asleep last night until after 2:00am.

My body’s inability to heal itself properly is really stating to bother me. For the past month I have been trying to understand why an “ant bite” has turned into a hardened scab mass on my leg, and this week’s adventure in shin/leg pain has me thinking a doctor’s visit is in my near future. Further, I can’t make plans to do anything this weekend since I can’t predict my physical limitations.

Even though it’s almost 6:00am, I could have been ready for a Lowe’s trip if not so tired and injured, I have already eaten breakfast and think I’m going to see if I catch another forty winks prior to starting my work day.

Hope all is going better in your worlds.

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7 Responses to 2020-08-21

  1. Almost two hours later: slept great, feeling much better in that realm; now I need to figure out out how to get healthy again.

  2. Steve says:

    10:15 and finally rolled out. Head is still spinning a bit, but not bad enough to hold me down.

    Debbie was up “early” and met the trainer here and they are our riding the girls. Have to get Daisy going, even though she is with “child”. Vet coming later for preg check and other shots needed.

    Final day of logging yesterday was a letdown, as while I head machines running, I think they were just loading up. By the time I looked out, they were gone. I guess someone will come by for the check!!

    Thinking about wheelhopper Sunday. Anyone else?


    • My Wheelhopper participation will depend on the health (pain level) of my leg/shin. If it still hurts on Monday I will be visiting a doctor to see if I have some sort of stress fracture. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Bonnie says:

      Yes my goal is to do Wheelhopper but I also have a (minor?) injury that I’m trying to figure out, as well as I may have a conflict that just cropped up. And weather of course.

    • Bob says:

      I really want to do wheelhopper but Travis has NICA mountain bike practice. If Allatoona trails are closed then I can do WH but if the trails are open I guess I need to be a good dad (and coach) and take him to practice 🙂

  3. barb says:

    not sure about Wheelhoppper yet – might be meeting Sharon at Talking Rock to ride.
    and go see her new house up there.
    We will see……..

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