By day’s end I may be officially injured. My leg is showing glacial progress toward healing itself, so I think I may try to see a doctor today to understand what is going on. I am officially sad about this nonetheless because the injury is really cramping my style and ability to have fun. This injury has also stunted my ability to do yard work, though I was able to knock down a few branches in my efforts to bring sunshine back into my back yard, as well as plant three containers (IKEA bags!) of winter vegetables — carrots, radishes, turnips, and beets; we’ll see how this goes.

This was a big weekend of package delivery at the ITP Estate. I received five items from Amazon, as well as a package of fake chicken and vegan spices which were shipped all the way from Australia! I had no idea how honking large my carbon footprint would be when I ordered from Deliciou a few weeks ago. One of the Amazon deliveries was the first replacement purchase of an item I gave away in my clean out process, unfortunately a walking boot needed to mitigate the pain I am in. Last year I got rid of the walking boot that I acquired over five years ago when I was diagnosed with tendonitis. I was hoping I’d never need another walking boot, sadly I was wrong.

Needless to say, I won’t be making it to Moonlite tonight.

One good thing out of all of this mess was being able to hang out for a little while with Bonnie after she did Wheelhopper, sharing some beers while sitting under my carport, because you know, it has been raining at least once every day this summer.

Oh, thus far I’ve watched the first four episodes of last year’s Eco Challenge, and finally got visual confirmation that GE and Dumbfuck actually participated. 😂

Hope you had a healthier weekend than I did.

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  1. Steve says:

    What did we do this weekend… and it was 3 days long!! Sad.

    A bicycle ride Saturday morning (25 or so). Trail work and clearing where the loggers had left debris in front of the gate to the neighbors pasture. The horses were walking over it, but it still needed to go. Oh, the vet did come out Friday and confirmed Daisy ws still preggers- apparently, she was being a hussy when Phinney arrived back home and we weren’t sure she still was.

    Sunday, while I should have been wheelhopping, I stayed home and cleaned house (long overdue) and Debbie went to celebrate her brothers birthday. I did consider WH, but couldn’t muster the strength to join a “large” group of unknowns in these days of the covid.

    And just in case you thought I was still in my right mind, I actually went for a RUN yesterday. It’s been almost a year- 9 or 10 months- since my last run. A grand total of 2 miles with lots of walk breaks. This morning, I don’t feel all that bad and will likely try again in a day or so.


  2. I have a decision to make. The first appointment available with my primary care doctor is at 9am Wednesday, or I could go try the walk-in office on Ponce that I used to go to and wait until they can see me. My leg hurts, but it’s not debilitating. I don’t know what I should do.

    • Bonnie says:

      Not knowing how you feel of course, I don’t think Wednesday morning is too long to wait to see your PCP, especially if you’d really prefer that option. It doesn’t seem to me that you urgently need to see a doctor today, though mentally I know you want to get to the bottom of this ASAP. Perhaps you could also ask your PCP to notify you of cancelations. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤗

    • Wednesday appointment made. If things get worse I can always take the appropriate action.

  3. Bonnie says:

    The husband got food poisoning (?) on day 1 of his 4-day trip, so he arrived back home 3 days early so my weekend didn’t go quite as planned. After he started returning to normal(ish) I was able to leave him unattended and have some fun both Saturday and Sunday. I really liked the Wheelhopper trail (turkey). It was more “hashy” to me vs. my last one which was just riding MTB trails and road. The mud stopped me from riding as much as I should have. It was supposed to be 8 miles but In My Behind and I got upwards of 10.5 which included the YBF. The end was in this guy’s backyard who built a bike ramp off of his second-story deck leading into 3 mounds in his yard to jump/ride over. A few folks gave demonstrations. 😮

    • Steve says:

      Glad to hear the hubs is feeling better. Travelling with food poison is no fun. Years ago, I was supposed to work the big race in Athens and stopped and got lunch along the way. I don’t think I ever got out of the car! Ugh. No Chik-fil-a for a couple years after that.

      Ramp off the roof of the house? What could possibly go worng!

  4. Just received an email from BRAG announcing that the postponed STU will be held in October! I’m surprised, but also somewhat delighted. Now I have to get healthy enough to ride…

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