Even though today’s weigh-in was decent, especially given that I have done absolutely no exercise since last Tuesday, August is turning out to be a shit month. In addition to suffering a leg injury this month, last night I carelessly went to lick a bowl and managed to chip a tiny part off one of my front teeth. It’s the kind of condition that no one else will notice, but I am considering calling my dentist, who remember I just visited last week, to have the damage checked out and potentially smoothed. Mo money, mo money.

You’d never know by the way I butcher the English language in this space, but I can be rather a pedant about certain things. One of those things, about which I have probably ranted here previously, is this country’s continuing ignorance of the notion of Daylight Saving and Standard Time. Whether or not you believe that artificially forwarding and reversing time by an hour twice each year does a damn bit of good is one thing, regardless you should know which one we are currently observing (the minute parts of the country that do not observe excluded) and covey this information correctly when communicating. Naturally my confidence in my bank was lowered when I read this in an email sent to me today: This information is accurate as of 08/25/2020 00:53:47 CST.
For fuck’s sake, we have been observing Daylight Saving Time since early March!
I propose we omit including the “D” or “S” from this time forward as an increasing number of people don’t understand their meaning and using the wrong one just makes you look ignorant.

Also, I wish there were a way that I could tell websites just what I think about political ads forced upon me in order to return some of the pain inflicted upon me by them. No amount of Trump ads will ever change my extremely low opinion of the man and allow myself to vote for him this November.

Hope you are not doing foolish things and are remaining happy and healthy.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 189.2 pounds (-0.6 from last week’s weigh-in); one of the very few positives that I have at them moment.

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  1. Bonnie says:


  2. Steve says:

    A friend/coworker sliced his arm open while preparing for the storm to come ashore (he’s in the swamps of SW LA), so put your chipped tooth in perspective. And if you stop by, I have a Dremmel and can grind that down easy.

    Managed to get the grass cut and the concrete swept of hickory nuts (annoying things) yesterday. My legs still are feeling my meager 2 mile run Sunday. If I had been smart, I’d have ridden a bit to get the lactic acid out.

    Enjoyed several episodes of Yellowstone last night while eating the delicious pork shoulder Debbie had slow cooked all day. Carnitas tacos for lunch!!


    • I also work with people whose lives are being impacted by the Wild fires in California.

      I am trying to keep things in perspective, it was that I was already sad yesterday and then stupidly damaged myself further. And it wasn’t like I,was riding a bike off a second-story deck into the air and landing, it was trying to get the last bit of food out of a bowl.

    • barb says:

      hey Steve – it is perspective I agree.
      at least the people in the gulf have time to prepare – unlike the people if Iowa and that derecho storm. its gonna take months to get all the trees on the side of the roads cleared – and – where to do take all that to dump it?
      but – Iowa is doing ok – we are tough people – I’ve heard FEMA is barely around, and denying most claims. Not surprised at all by that. it took months & months of trying to get FEMA to help with the flood in 2008.

  3. barb says:

    sorry I missed the blog yesterday –
    Allan decided sleep was more important on Sunday that Wheelhopper, and I didn’t feel like driving down there by myself. Looked like it was a good time.
    We ended up going to Canton for dinner -the continuation of our friend Kal’s 50th birthday – his mom cooked up some excellent fried chicken (Hungarian style) and it was super tasty. They also smoked ribs. For once commenting on a FB picture of food cooking worked- I said – “what time is dinner?” and then got a text with an invite.

    • Steve says:

      Funny. Hungarian style fried chicken? Lots of paprika?

      • barb says:

        I do not know what spices she used, but dang it was tasty.
        (you know there had to be paprika in there somewhere)

      • Bonnie says:

        I am part Hungarian but I do not recall any fried chicken recipes. In fact I’m pretty sure my family never prepared fried chicken period.

        • Steve says:

          Clearly, y’all weren’t from Southern Hungary!

          (I crack myself up)

          • Bonnie says:

            Haha. My family are all northerners (Michigan) originally from Finland, Germany and Hungary. While I mostly grew up in Oklahoma we didn’t really eat “southern.” I don’t think I had sweet tea until I was in high school. My buddy took me to a country buffet type place and I was like, “what is all this glorious food?”

  4. ITP Lurker says:

    Atlanta has a new park in Southeast Atlanta that will be bigger than Piedmont Park:


    • Interesting. We’ve hashed through that area many, many times, I have always wondered where the lake was, pity they drained it.

      Now if we can manage to save all of the land by the old prison farm too…

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