Another humdrum evening, but at least I didn’t break any body part. I did manage to make a mushroom risotto, using fresh mushrooms and ho chili peppers this time, for dinner.

I am still waiting on results of the x-rays taken yesterday.

Having declared hand washing bankruptcy this week due to the difficulty of moving about and the wet weather making it impossible to hand dry anything I was hoping to be hobbling around the Waschsalon this morning, but alas I have slept too late to do so. Perhaps tomorrow morning?

My house is currently in a state of disarray, so my goal today, along with doing a lot of work and German preparation for tonight’s class, is to clean and straighten this mess.

I noticed yesterday that some of the seeds I planted last Sunday have started germinating. Woot! So far is see radishes and turnips, awaiting the arrival of the carrots and beets.

Hope you are remaining healthy.

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  1. Just checked the new plantings and one bag is riddled with ants. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, or from where the ants originated. I wonder if they were in one bag of soil or compost I purchased, in the leaves I took from my front lawn, or just in the area looking for a new place to dwell.

    Guess I will be doing some research today to see if I need to concern myself with their appearance.

  2. Steve says:

    You aren’t planting those seeds from China you got, are you?

    An early report from my friend in S. Louisiana is they survived. No telling what the house looks like as they took shelter in a friends warehouse, along with their vehicles and others folks big motorhomes. Ripped a skylight off the building, but otherwise undamaged.

    I also sped watched the overnight coverage from the Weather Channel. Jim Cantore went from no eye protection (a pet peeve) to goggles, goggles and helmet, then added body armor as the winds increased. Stephanie was almost blown off her feet. The sound inside the hotel as the storm came through was scary AF.

    A little run and a ride yesterday and legs only a little sore. A real ride today.


    • I read this morning that the hurricane was the strongest, wind speed wise, since a hurricane in the 1800s!

      I can’t wait to ride again, but have not idea when that will happen. Originally I typed “exercise again”, but shame on me for not doing exercises that don’t require legs. ☹️

      • Steve says:

        The video is pretty ugly. Peeled the roof off the casino. Took a 5th wheel trailer and rolled it like a toy. From the radar playback, the eastern eye wall passed within 10 miles of my friends home.

        Weather Channel was live from Lake Charles and the eye passed right over them. If that’s your business, it doesn’t get much better.

  3. Oh yeah, I was once again thwarted by Lowe’s crappy inventory system. I went there yesterday to buy a watering can (another house clean out rebuy). Lowe’s website said they had five on hand (at a price 1/3 of the same one on Amazon!), but I looked high and low and could not find them. Rats!

    • Bonnie says:

      Did you ask an employee? Or what about ordering one for curbside pick up?

    • I asked an employee where the watering cans were. I found that section, containing one style that I was not interested in buying (too small), and searched high and low for others. I looked at all of the price tags on the shelving, none of them matched the one I was seeking, so I gave up. I could see about getting one sent to the store, looking at other hardware store chains, order one from Amazon, or just use a hose. I haven’t determined my next move yet.

  4. Thinking about scheduling another bulk yard waste pickup. This way all I have to do is chop branches into manageable lengths and haul them to the curb. Of course, I need to be able to walk pain-free in order to do this effectively.

  5. Tracking Hurricane Laura, which is still a Cat 1 as it reaches the middle of Louisiana.

  6. Well, x-rays did not show defined fracture, but I have been advised to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic. Running and weight-bearing exercising to remain on hold. Bonnie, I may be available to chauffeur Sunday – we can discuss offline.

    Guess I will be holding off on that yard waste pickup scheduling…

  7. Seems to be a nice, perhaps hot and humid, day outside. I wish I could go outside and partake.

    • Bonnie says:

      I’m so sorry. 🤗 I just rode 15.5 on the gravel Beltline (was supposed to be 20 but I had to get home 🤬). I thought it was going to be hot and humid but it wasn’t so bad.

    • Thanks. Even if I were healthy I should probably attempt to remain employed. Apparently I will be using health care a lot as I march forward…

      Sounds like a good ride, sorry you had to cut it short.

      • Bonnie says:

        Kind of boring going back and forth between Glenwood and Pryor (plus hike-a-bike at United). But hey, it’s exercise. I can verify that they’ve reinforced the Pryor fencing and put up more signage threatening prosecution if trespassing.

      • Poop about the signage. Maybe we should add our own signage that says “Hurry the fuck up!” 🙄😂

  8. Steve says:

    I don’t think bike riding is considered weight bearing, is it? Might have to lose the boot.

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