Last night I met up with a buddy for beer. His desire to watch the season-opening NFL game (who knew?) led us to Taco Mac in Virginia-Highland. Knowing its size I got there early to ensure to get an outdoor table.

Taco Mac was a bit of a cluster last night. I had two beers and a platter of guacamole, salsa, and queso with chips, but my bill came out to only $10. I knew this was wrong, but the waiter was so slow I didn’t want to wait thirty minutes for him to straighten it out. When my friend exclaimed that his two beers were $34 I realized that at least some of my purchases landed on his bill. I promised to pick up the entire tab next time, as long as we didn’t meet up for filet mignon.

I have yet to be disappointed with my altered food lifestyle, at least until last night. You’d think my disappointment would have occurred at Taco Mac by passing on meats, but that wasn’t the case. It occurred when I arrived home an dug into the bowl of German pudding (chocolate) that I made yesterday afternoon using almond milk instead of cow’s milk. Yes, the pudding was chocolatey, but no, the pudding wasn’t very pudding-like. 😢

Hey, it’s Friday! I’m planning to meet up with Bonnie tonight for some outdoor beer drinking.

This weekend will be another low-key one for me as I continue to attempt to return to a “healthy” state of body. Sunday’s Black Sheep is in Alpharetta, so I may drive up and do a walkabout instead of trail. I have to keep getting credit for trails to keep pace with Bonnie, even if I can’t hash with her… 😉

It wasn’t until I typed today’s date that I realized that today is 9/11. Take a moment to reflect on the horrendous acts that occurred nineteen years ago, and be thankful for what you have.

Hope yours is a healthy and happy weekend.

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  1. Remember earlier in the year when I kept finding pecans hidden in plain sight? I may have found at least one of the squirrels doing it. I’ve seen a squirrel on my back deck, the other day it had a pecan in its mouth. Fearing it would attempt to bury it in my plants, I shooed the squirrel away. This morning I discovered a pecan sitting by the sliding door, hidden in plain sight. Oy!

  2. Bonnie says:

    If you come, you’ll highly likely pass GE in run counts this weekend! 😁 Movin’ on up!

  3. Steve says:

    A quick note between jobs. 55 minutes door to door this morning. I did slow a bit in town, but not much. So far, 2 projects killed and one about to be.

    The news, which you might not hear on the TdF broadcast. Riders have been getting fined for littering. The comms haven’t seen it getting better, so will raise the toll from 200SF to 500!! Both rider and DS get pinged, so this will really be expensive. I’m pretty sure this is for dumping musette bags outside the drop zone, not for dropping an empty bottle for a souvenir.

    We need to make an expedition to IronShield, in honor of HwC. They have a stout I want to try!!


    • I think the water bottles are also included since they don’t want spectators picking up bottles that have been handled and mouthed by riders.

      Though a bit of a drive I could be convinced to return to IronShield some day to support Dave’s (Ham’s long-time friend, my not-as-long-time friend) brewery.

  4. ITP Lurker says:

    Home delivery of alcohol was unanimously approved by the Atlanta City Council this week. Now this is a *good* case of our tax dollars at work.

  5. Starting to lose confidence in Amazon purchasing. I placed an order for two metal garden beds. One was delivered today, and I can find no tracking information about the other. I will give the seller until next week to deliver the goods before contacting them.

    This is the second Amazon order in a week to be messed up.

    And yes I know we don’t always order directly from Amazon these days, but it is their portal through which I order…

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