I spent my weekend hogging all of Bonnie’s time.

On Friday she and I got together for a little beer drinking at SweetWater Brewing, followed by a nightcap and impromptu dinner whipped up at my house. Of course we drank and ate like the cultural icons we are, in my carport.

Saturday saw us attempt, with a little success, to ride the Beltline following the Beltgrind’s modified map. Keeping in mind my leg, we rode slowly and carefully clockwise from East Atlanta. We made it just beyond the end of the Westside Beltline in an “abandoned” apartment complex where we were thwarted by overgrown kudzu and a heightened fear of poison ivy and re-injuring myself, and changed course. It was on our way to get back on track that we stumbled upon a new section of Beltline which took us back toward downtown via Vine City. We stopped at Elliott Street Pub for a couple of beers as we waited out the unpredicted rainstorm, before making another pit stop at Grindhouse burgers for a late lunch.

Yesterday I opted to ignore my yard work to hang out with the Black Sheepers. After trail Bonnie and I stopped at Orpheus Brewery where we had one more beer and a dinner from Grass VBQ, a vegan barbecue pop up restaurant inside the brewery. The food was good, but admittedly pricey for what we were served.

Today I’m watching the weather and gauging my leg’s health before I decide what my fate will be tonight.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend hogging someone else’s time.

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  1. Steve says:

    Because most of my time at work Friday was not spent sitting, I got home and was whipped. This real, going into the office stuff sucks.

    Saturday, while Debbie was up early to go hunting, I was dressed to go ride, when I stepped outside to a wet deck and misty rain. While it never actually rained, it certainly looked like it was about to at any minute. I joined Debbie for breakfast at the hunt by walking the 3 miles or so over. People were amazed I would walk that far- WTF, O?

    Sunday was a 25 mile day on the road bike. Maybe the route was hillier than my normal routes (I was making it up as I went) but it required a break at about the 20 mile point. Scooter ride in the afternoon followed by steaks on the grill (sorry you vegetarians!).

    Good Tour coverage this weekend. Interesting to see the weak team Ineos show just how weak they are. And just how strong Jumbo-Visma is. Barb, I thought I would see Kevin as one of his team needed a wheel, but the camera pulled away.

    Waiting on the land prep guys today. Said they might drop equipment over the weekend, but no sign.


    • I was surprise to be met with spitting rain Saturday morning, but that cleared nicely until about 1pm when it came down steadily for about fifteen minutes.

      I saw none of the action from this weekend. I was going to tune in this morning, and then recalled that it’s their final rest day for this year.

  2. Wee Little Farm is coming along, though progress may be slowed by the pending rain from Hurricane Sally which is now predicted to hit us squarely later this week. Currently my bell peppers continue to grow, the carrots are still tiny greens, the turnip leaves are being eaten by something, and my radishes and beets are in a leggy state. One of my basil plants lost a stalk, so I have attempted to propagate some of its branches by replanting them.

  3. barb says:

    We’ve been barely watching the Tour, and Kevin isn’t in the car everyday – so I’m sure as luck would have it, the day they need a wheel change he wouldn’t be the guy.

    I got some decent walking miles in with Davey this weekend – Saturday we did sort of part of the hash trail 9about 5.5 miles), before the hash, and even snared the hares out laying the trail. I’m just getting over some PI from my yard, so I wasn’t going to do the trail anyway.
    After the walk went to Reformation – Smyrna for a beer (or 2).
    Went to Lidl since we were over the Mableton way – not a bad grocery store. Allan is very happy with the lemonade (good & tart) and the pretzels (good & salty) I bought.

    Sunday morning while Allan slept – walked the Roswell greenway (about 4.5 miles). Davey might lay Pine Lake out there somewhere, so we sort of “reccy’d” as we walked.
    Allan was too tired for BS – so we just did house stuff the rest of Sunday. We were supposed to go for a bike ride, but Allan napped instead.

    Tonight I want to get out on the road bike – hope the weather cooperates.

  4. I’m losing more vegetable battles to insects, and my basil propagation attempts are looking sad.

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