Starting year sixteen late because I completely forgot that I hadn’t blogged, and spent time working on a crossword instead.

I am still waiting for the start of that entire week of good health. My eyelid still looks swollen and “lazy”, and my left knee is still hurting. This week I’ve added a sinus infection. Good grief! I was also a little concerned yesterday when I had no hunger because I suffered from gas after eating breakfast. TMI? 🙄

Last night’s German class was okay, except for looking like a circus freak on our Zoom call. The worst part was that I assumed that the class had gone over a section last weekend when I skipped class, so I started preparing for class further in the book. Poop!

After German class I treated myself to the last stash of popcorn left in the house, smothered in Cheddar Cheese Salt. Yum!

Hey, it’s Friday!!! I am hoping to start returning to health and happiness today. I may make a trip to a (nicer) Aldi for some groceries, or I might just keep making Franken-recipes with the ingredients I have on hand. Apparently the fresh vegetables I was hoping to produce continue to dwindle thanks to unusually poor growing techniques, and squirrels rooting through my beds. 😡 I may pick some of the miniature green bell peppers that I have been growing since May/June; I assume they will get no larger and I don’t think they are going to ripen much more either.

Though I need to get exercise again starting today, the rain and knee will dictate my weekend plans. Hope your weekend is good and healthy one.

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13 Responses to 2020-10-09

  1. Just came inside after seeing squirrels and chipmunks in the backyard. The fight for food will be more difficult than I imagined.

    And after hearing a pecan roll down my roof and land on my deck, I see that a critter has once again dug up some of my attempts to grow lettuce. 😡

  2. Bonnie says:

    You can’t seem to catch a break.

    Yesterday’s Dirty Sheets ride/run with Knight Stalker was fun, except he came in too closely after me LOL. That dude is fast! At the mid-point he was only 2.5 miles behind me! I finished with him 5 miles behind me. We celebrated at Red’s Beer Garden. I should have made him do a first-timer down down. 😂

    At the vet with Willow cat for her annual check-up. Like Nigel, she can be a problem patient so she is pre-medicated. We’ll see if that does the trick or not…

  3. ITP Lurker says:

    In honor of the sweet sixteen I did a bit of time travel and read the first few blogs from back in the day. I was amused by this post


    in which Paulie flagellates himself mercilessly and is called out on it by an apparently former ITP reader named AnonymousGirl. 16 years on, the self-flagellation continues. 😉 ;-);-)

    • What can I say, I’m good at it!

      I have read the old posts occasionally and am always amazed and flattered at the array of people who have commented over the years.

  4. Steve says:

    I’m working from home… have phone forwarded to the iPhone and may be… (am).. on the tractor trying to smooth the ground before I put down the seed I bought. Hopefully before the rain hits. You remember the equipment operator said he found the yellow jacket nest and they swarmed so they covered his bucket? I found them. Unknowingly I drug (dragged) my bucket right over and woke them up. Upon realizing the error of my ways, I exited stage right as fast as the tractor would go. One got me right in the chin and I’m swollen.

    Hopefully, the chemical warfare I laid down will convince them to leave me alone.


  5. Bob says:

    This weekend looks to be a washout 🙁
    Travis is still racing on Sunday and will be a mudfest, that should actually be fun! Although the bike maintenance afterwards will be rough.
    Next weekend looks fantastic though! Are you guys still going to Thomson?

    Bonnie, what kind of car do you have? I can do some searching for you and come up with hitch options.

  6. Uncharacteristically turned a negative into a positive. Trying to fix my audio problem with my downstairs AppleTV setup (still not fixed) I discovered that there was a final episode of “Ted Lasso” about which I did not know! Just watched the real season finale, upstairs on an AppleTV with properly-working audio. 😁

    • Also, had hoped I could trick the squirrel into thinking a nut already existed in my lettuce planter. Nope! More destruction has occurred. Need to think about Plan B for future plantings.

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