Morning. It’s 6:45am on Canadian Thanksgiving, better known as “Monday” here in the US. It’s also Columbus Day, so I guess don’t expect mail or to be able to do banking today?

With the exception of my bodily ailments my weekend was fun. My knee pain combined with the iffy weather caused me to skip hashing on both days, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t drink beer.

On Saturday Bonnie and I went out to Tucker where we visited Tucker Brewing, Outrun Brewing (actually in Stone Mountain), and the space-sharing breweries Blue Tarp and High Card. The night ended by purchasing a delicious pizza from Grant Central East in East Atlanta.

Yesterday Bonnie and I took a journey to Value Village and Aldi on Memorial Drive, near Steve’s old house on Bluebird Lane. After getting our shopping ya yas, we drove back to Oakhurst and had a snack and beer at Universal Joint. Not ready to end the day, Bonnie and I then walked over to Sceptre Brewing Arts where we had a couple more beers. Not that any of you care, but the Dollar Tree in Oakhurst is no longer in that shopping center. (Huh, apparently it closed in January, I guess that I didn’t get out much this year for some reason…)

It was a good weekend for Werder Bremen, because they didn’t play. The same can’t be said for my Gators, who lost to Texas A&M.

There are currently three NFL teams with no wins this season, included in those teams are my beloved NY Jets, and our local Atlanta Falcons; the third team is the NY Giants. I guess the only positive these teams can currently claim is that their high-profile quarterback did not suffer an ugly, broken ankle…

Although tonight’s Moonlite hash starts in Little Five Points I may skip in order to give my knee another day to get healthier for this weekend’s bike riding extravaganza.

Hope you had a healthy and happy weekend that wasn’t negatively impacted by this weekend’s heavy rain.

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8 Responses to 2020-10-12

  1. Bonnie says:

    I hope my mom isn’t looking at Untappd these days… 😂

  2. Poop. It was bad enough when the squirrels were my only gardening enemy, now my lettuces and radishes are getting eaten by something else. Also, I had to give up on one of my sweet basil plant that died at the base and toppled over this weekend.

  3. Hmm, forgot my Amex card renewed this month; talk about sticker shock! 😮😢 Have created a reminder for next summer to see if it’s still worth being an Amex holder if I am not flying anywhere.

  4. Steve says:

    What a wet weekend. As you can imagine, our formerly tree’d property was/is an utter swamp. My late effort to get some seed down was likely for naught, as well as the grading effort. Once it gets dry enough to drive on (tractor), I’ll try again.

    It was a pretty good football day Saturday, though a little too back and forth for Alabama and MS State. The 4th quarter was finally all theirs and they pulled away, but it wasn’t our best. There is a pro football team in Atlanta? Who knew??

    My road bike was acting funny on the trainer Saturday and after my ride, I found a link of chain starting to separate. A reasonably easy fix and it was shifting great on Sundays trainer ride. Should have gotten on the road, but there were still ugly clouds about.

    Happy Columbus/Native American/Canadian Thanksgiving/Don’t care it’s a federal holiday Monday to me!!


  5. Huh, stock market is open today!

  6. Also, if you are so inclined early voting for the general election starts today in Georgia. I may try to sneak that in one day this week or next.

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