As much as I try to defend Kroger, they continue to make it harder for me. This morning I popped in a little after 5:15am to pick up an item that I wanted to add to my meal this weekend. While there I amassed about ten items, some of which would save me about $5 and also allow me to use a $2 store coupon. After self-scanning all items, the only checkout option at this time of day, and getting the attendant to scan my paper coupon, I was told that “the system was down” and that I could only pay using cash. I left all the items in place, my $2 coupon is probably null and void, and I walked out of the store empty handed.

Yesterday I heard disappointing news about the future office space for “XYZ Corp”; it sounds as if we’re moving to Buckhead when the midtown lease runs out in February. Buckhead is no bueno for me; an office there doubles the distance and probably triples the time of a commute for me. One of the problems I have had living in Atlanta, especially since I moved south of I-20, is that when companies move they move northward and not southward; the cynic in me believes it’s because the weathly C-level decision makers live northward. If I remain employed by “XYZ Corp” through the time of the move I will have to see what the “remote work” policy is, assuming one will exist, else I may be looking for a new employer next year.

I am nowhere near ready to hit the road today and need to get cracking. I am still keeping my hopes up that my body is willing and able to exercise this weekend. The longer it takes my knee to recover on its own the more concern I have about it.

Possibly no blog tomorrow, we’ll all have to wait and see…

Hope you have a good and healthy day.

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10 Responses to 2020-10-15

  1. ITP Lurker says:

    I have had that same hellish experience at Kroger but never once at Publix.

  2. Barb says:

    So the whole store could only take cash? That’s crazy. Or just that terminal?
    I’ve gone to a wrong terminal that was “broken” before, and had to go to a different one to start over.

    You can always ride with the slow old people group. We won’t be going anywhere fast.

    I need to start packing as well. Allan is awake now, so I can get going.
    See ya this afternoon.

  3. Barb says:

    And, I found a cobb county app to show wait times for voting.
    Might go try to vote this morning – who knows!

    • Barb says:

      Decided to go to Smyrna to vote. Lines doesn’t look too long…. but it doesn’t move very fast either. We may be later getting to Thomson than originally planned

  4. Steve says:

    Ola! The weekend sounds like it will be seriously fun.

    After a long and somewhat frustrating day yesterday, I spent some quality time on the tractor, preparing some ground for seed. It’s still pretty wet, but I figure I need to get it done quickly before the rest of the ground washes into the neighbor’s lake.

    Kroger doesn’t score any points… no alternate network or system to use cards? I understand backups in the middle of the night, but your primary source of revenue should always be available. At least a bi sign saying cash only!!


  5. Bonnie says:

    Bob, have fun at the Wheelhopper campout! It sucks they are on the same weekend. I had a lot of fun at last year’s Cloudland Canyon campout. But ultimately I guess I chose road riding his weekend…

    • Bob says:

      Thanks Bonnie! Weather is looking great for riding and camping this weekend!

      You all have fun in Thomson, great roads to ride out there.

  6. Just about packed. I think the last time I put so much of my own stuff into a car I was moving out of my college apartment. 😂

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