Oh hello again. I’m sorry about missing Friday, but I did warn you that a lack of blog post may occur. I was living a semi-dream life where I forgot what day it was, and then had a day of cycling and beer drinking ahead of me.

This weekend was spent riding three days in a row! And, I only managed to give myself one more injury in the process — a seemingly strained left IT Band probably from slightly changing my pedal stroke in order to protect my painful left knee. Ah the human body… On Friday I rode 36 miles, on Saturday I rode 53 miles, and on Sunday I rode 28 miles. In total I only rode fourteen fewer miles than Bonnie, who killed it on Friday by riding fifty miles, and then slummed by riding with me the following two days.

This morning I am heating the house by cooking up a breakfast casserole. Sadly my casserole has no fake meat because I had to leave all of the packages behind at Kroger last Thursday. I have yet to try the new HVAC furnace so I didn’t let it turn on while I was away, subsequently the house has been at 65°F since I have returned home. I could have gotten out a space heater, but I am letting my inefficient 1950s oven do the job instead.

Tonight I’ll be skipping Moonlite because Bonnie and I realized that we are laying next week’s Moonlite trail and need to reccy.

Hope that you had a fun and healthy weekend.

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6 Responses to 2020-10-19

  1. Bonnie says:

    Fun weekend! I rode 50/53/28 = 132. I’ve never ridden 50 miles before, but had gotten up to around 45. I’m certainly tired though and slept like a rock last night. And to correct the record, Paulie slummed with ME Saturday and Sunday.
    I’m glad I invited myself. 😂

    After a 2-week reprieve, my next-door neighbor’s deck work picks back up today (as we speak). Steel I-beams were apparently on backorder. I saw a crane company vehicle parked outside last week so I’m betting a crane will be involved. The deck sits above their flat-roofed garage, adjacent to their master bedroom. They told us an early quote was $80,000 (!!!) so who knows what kind of party pad they are constructing!

  2. Steve says:

    Great job all around. The pics looked like fun and I don’t think the weather could have been better.

    I’d like to say I got out on my bike at some point, but I spent so much time on the tractor, I just wasn’t motivated. Friday, I picked up a “hay hut” from a friend who sells them- a big, rubbery plastic cover for a round bale. I had one strap on it as I drove it home (it fit in the pickup bed upside down and still hung out the sides) and just as I noticed the strap was loose it took wing! Fortunately no traffic and the first car past must have seen it fly as they stopped to help load it back in- this time with 2 straps.

    Saturday, a gathering for a Games volunteer who passed. A sad occasion for someone so young (early 40’s) but good to see Games folks as this would have been the weekend. The virtual Games went off pretty well with lots of nice words from those viewing.

    Finally got seed down Sunday on about a third of the open land. More dragging and root work in my future!


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