Yikes, it’s already 7:25am?
Yikes, it’s already October 20th?

Most of yesterday was not worthy of mention. The biggest decision I made before the end of my work day was to give up on the radishes that refused to grow up (“Wee Little Farm’s” alternate name could be “Peter Pan Farm”) and pull them; the teeny tiny radish plants now have a home in the compost bin.

After work I met up with Bonnie for a little scouting for an ending to next week’s Moonlight trail. Unfortunately we kept coming up snake eyes because the locations we visited were lacking a food selection, weren’t opening to the public until next week, or were not providing a public restroom. While I certainly understand and respect COVID precautions, it seems unreasonable (illegal?) for a restaurant to allow patrons to eat and drink on their property and not provide a restroom for use, especially when selling beer. Just my opinion. I can certainly choose to not visit places whose decisions don’t please me. The evening ended eating a lovely pizza and garlic sticks. You’ll see below that I am “suffering the ramifications” of my personal choices.

Today I will occupy my office chair, starting ASAP, and then hopefully get out into the backyard to do more clearing and dragging items to the curb for next Tuesday’s yard waste pickup. Who knows, maybe my magic exercise routine will start correcting the ship again.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 191.2 pounds (+2.0 from last week’s weigh-in); proof that all exercise is not created equal, or, that overconsumption puts on weight.

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4 Responses to 2020-10-20

  1. Steve says:

    If I have to work Saturday- now in question because the new fiber might not be delivered, and can take Tuesday off, I was thinking of running your trail. So far, a pipe dream.

    At lunch, went to Bear Creek and had them load me up with a round bale for the hay hut. The horses were very interested and are enjoying the buffet as I type this.

    Mahindra and I spent a lovely evening together. Several small stumps to get rid of will make for some extra work which will likely require a shovel. The maddox doesn’t shear the root because the whole thing flexes. And the tap root is significant. This war is not over.

    Still need to motivate to get my butt on my bike. Sad.


  2. Ordered two sets of SPD cleats today for $5/each from sport.woot.com. Admittedly these cleats don’t wear out often, but they don’t take up room and it’s nice to have spares.

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