Hey everyone.

Yesterday was a big day for the ITP backyard, I felled some large branches/trunks of (mostly dead) privet trees. The trees came down with a much louder crack than I imagined. Fear not, the sound was not from them hitting the deck or house, nor from any unexpected underground impediments. I may have underestimated the amount of limbs on privet trees because I spent about two hours doing cleanup and I still have a good amount of cleanup work ahead of me. I am also amassing a large pile of branches to burn this winter, and larger pieces that can start to dry for use next year. That being said, all of this must be done prior to the installation of my raised garden beds.

I was hoping to get back out in the yard this morning, but I am feeling lazy. Also, sunrise now happens later, about 8am, making it hard to do yard work on a weekday morning. Perhaps I can go outside and lop some downed branches and drag them up to the curb on my lunch hour.

In the category of frustrations, my left eyelid is tender again. I hope that I am not going to go through another cycle of inflammation…

Hope you had a happy and healthy Tuesday.

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12 Responses to 2020-10-21

  1. Steve says:

    I really wasn’t in the mood to get out on my bike, but I forced myself to ride- 19 miles. It felt fine after I got moving. And speaking of moooving, the cows were especially smelly yesterday. And for those playing at home, there is a HUGE difference between horse and cow manure.

    Likely our work will be rescheduled from this Saturday to 11/7. Still, miricles could occur.

    Caught the end of the first stage of the Vuelta. Froome lost 6 minutes! Several other potential GC contenders also lost time, but not as much. American Sepp Kuss rode really well in support of his team captain.


  2. Bonnie says:

    *Fist bump* Paulie!

    Yesterday I voted at State Farm Arena. A+ experience. In and out. One more chore crossed off the long list. I wish some chores would get moved up the list, like bike-related ones. 😁

    • Back at you for getting out to vote early!

      Wish I had motivated myself to get outside this morning. I need to get back at it today, because surveying the mess I made yesterday showed more work ahead in order to beat next Tuesday’s pickup.

  3. Bonnie says:

    I found out why my neighbor’s deck renovation requires enormous steel I-beams—they are installing a hot tub up there. The garage can’t support that without the beams. Jealous!

  4. Snuck in 90 minutes of yard work. I feel a little better about things now.

  5. Steve says:

    Just had a chat with the county. Apparently, my neighbor doesn’t appreciate all my yard running into his pond! Imagine. The very nice code enforcement lady did say she understood a hurricane was really poor timing, but she thought silt fence would be a good idea. Yeah, sure…

  6. Steve says:

    The grading guys had alerted me to the neighbor driving up and down giving the stink eye. I don’t know we’ve actually met them. We know all the Ruff’s on our side of the road, or at least I think they would say something in person.

    No worries, though. They are well within their rights to be annoyed.

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