It’s 7:25am and unlike the plucky early days of Shelter In Place I am no longer getting up and performing chores at 5:00am, instead I am making every effort to sleep more and allow my body to recover. This morning I still suffer knee pain, and my left eyelid is battling every attempt I make to keep it from puffing up again.

One thing that has not changed however is my being unprepared for German class. Ugh, I don’t want to give up, but it also appears that for nearly as long as I can remember I don’t want to work at it either.

I can be proud of the productive ninety minutes of work I put into yard cleanup yesterday. I trimmed, bagged, lopped, and dragged branches, bringing large sections to the curb for my scheduled pickup next Tuesday. There is still more work to be done back there, I sound like a broken record (add that to the list of similes to which most young people won’t relate), but with every effort I get closer to having useable space. I am hoping to blow the fallen leaves off the brick patio and burn some of the dried branches in my fire pan this weekend. Who knows, I might even celebrate my efforts with beer. 🙄😂 At my current rate I probably won’t have a Winter garden, but should be ready to give it another go next Spring/Summer. Gee, I hope that I will have time to tend to a garden then.

Last night I spent being a bump on a log, watching videos. In my Instant Pot I cooked an “interesting” pasta dish, which turned out much spicier and saltier than I expected. In retrospect I realized that I shouldn’t have added additional salt since I substituted broth (essentially salt cubes) for the water. I’ll chalk this up as another of those meals that will pass through no other lips than my own. Heh, that’s actually just like most of the meals that I have prepared in the past seven months.

Due to last week’s cycling outing and the yard work that I have performed this week I have amassed a lot of dirty clothes. I may try to be at the Waschsalon this time tomorrow morning rectifying this problem.

Hope you had a happy and healthy Hump Day.

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3 Responses to 2020-10-22

  1. Bonnie says:

    I’m about to take Willow cat to the vet to get her teeth cleaned. Fingers crossed no extractions but the vet is a bit worried about at least one tooth. We’ll see after they do the X-rays. This procedure is more than twice as expensive as we used to pay in Memphis, but that can be said about most things we experience in Atlanta.

  2. Steve says:

    The queen stage of the Giro is happening. About to climb the Stelvio Pass and it looks like a good day- they were worried it could be a mess as it has already snowed up there. Joe Dombrowski is in the break, but they will no doubt get caught.

    After my discussion with the county, I went to Lowes last night to get some silt fence. Thought I would be clever and park at the garden center, since it should be right there. WRONG- the complete other end of the store in building materials! A good walk down and back. We will install it this afternoon.

    Was online late into the evening thinking I was getting a software update. In reality, the update had completed but the pop up message didn’t get the memo. I finally rebooted and it came back up fine.

    More big names going backwards in Spain. Froome lost 16 minutes yesterday. That would be a long, lonely ride…


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