Some days I think I should register the domain “www.InsideThePainAndAches.com” because nearly every day in the past two months I have had to deal with a new or existing one. 😢

Regardless of the aches and pains this morning finds me at the Waschsalon taking care of a couple of weeks of dirty clothes. Last night I estimated that it would take me more than two hours to wash, rinse, and dry my clothes by hand so it’s worth it to knock it out with a ninety-minute trip to the Waschsalon. It’s a pity that the Waschsalon no longer offers wifi (as far as I can determine), otherwise I could be knocking out work while I am here.

This weekend I will be reccying with Bonnie for Monday night’s trail (tentatively scheduled to take place in Oakhurst). My plan is to also attend Black Sheep on Sunday, though I am uncertain if I am physically capable of running trail. It’s funny how I can manage to cycle with my current physical limitations, but “running/hashing” seems impossible.

Hope things are going well in your world and that you have a happy and healthy weekend.

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10 Responses to 2020-10-23

  1. I still can’t edit my blog posts on my iPhone 10s because the text field is obscured by the virtual keyboard. That blows my mind since the iPhone is the antithesis of a nice product.

    AmEx payment went out yesterday, Chase payment goes out today. Ouch. How/Why do I continue to spend so much money during COVID?

  2. Steve says:

    Only a total of 6 hours on conference calls yesterday. And it was the same call broken up into 2 sessions. We went through all the motions of resetting/rebuilding the pin pad for the new point of sale equipment for one of the stations in New Orleans, only to find out the damn thing was broke. Well, you have to prove it sometimes…

    The 1st silt fence is up. We think we may need more, but for now we’re evaluating. We don’t know which neighbor complained to the county, but the one passed as we worked and we smiled and waved. I really can’t blame them for being annoyed, but I wish they had just spoken to us. Granted, of the 2 that share the pond, one is “new” and the other hasn’t ever done anything but wave. We can be guilty here as well.

    Tomorrow’s work was postponed when the fiber never showed so my calendar is open.


  3. Bonnie says:

    Willow cat is fine and had no tooth extractions, hooray for multiple reasons!

    I rode my new MTB on trails for the first time yesterday (Southside Park). It sure makes a difference. I still rode slow, used my brakes too much, and randomly stopped a few times but for mostly different reasons this time (hurting my new bike). I could only ride about 50 min. because I had to pick up Willow from the vet.

    The Accord is getting a receiver hitch and a bike rack! 😮 The hitch goes on Thursday and hopefully a bike rack the same day. Now, the old gal just needs to last a few more years… I had a bike rack picked out and Jacka$$ pointed out an issue he had with his old one. I’m hoping it is specific to his situation, as I haven’t read about it in any reviews. But I’ll spend some more time on it today. The one he and F*ckeye both have is outside my budget, but yeah it looks solid.

  4. Back from Waschsalon and Kroger gas pump. Apparently I still don’t spend enough at Kroger to warrant a higher gas discount.

  5. A look at the calendar shows that in a non-COVID year I’d be driving to Black Mountain, NC today to attend LEAF. Maybe next Spring?

  6. Steve says:

    Bonnie, that new ride looks sweet. Your fit on the bike should be initially set, then ride it for a couple weeks before thinking about a tweak. You have to get used to a new position on any new bike.

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