Crap, I forgot today was Tuesday even though I know that today I have my first physical therapy appointment and seemingly every package I have ordered in the past month is unfortunately scheduled to be delivered today (including some that weren’t supposed to arrive until after Christmas!). Hopefully any optimistic package-stealing shitheads will take today off. Or, hopefully the packages are delivered before I need to leave the house to go to physical therapy. I may leave a sign on the front stoop asking delivery personnel to leave the packages by the kitchen door since that is a far less conspicuous location. Or maybe I should bribe Bonnie to house sit and bring in packages while I am out, with her payment being that she can drink as much beer as she desires while I am gone. 😂

I am hoping that my surgery was 100% successful, that my rehab is going as expected, and that I have done nothing to jeopardize it. Of course I am a worrier and since I’ve never gone through this procedure before I worry. Perhaps tonight’s PT will set my mind at ease, at least I hope that it will.

Because I forgot that today is Tuesday I have already eaten breakfast before my reminder to weigh myself has fired. I will weigh myself tomorrow.

Yesterday Target managed to put a bullseye on itself (pun intended) by providing me with a very unsatisfactory shopping experience. Because I have been spending so much time at home I decided to “improve” my kitchen a bit (not by fixing the plumbing mind you). The other day while in Target in Edgewood Retail District I bought the two stainless steel utensil holders they had in stock. At the time I assumed two would be enough but it turns out a third was needed. Yesterday I saw that the midtown Target had two in stock so I placed an online order that I could pick up. After a few hours I received an email titled “Your order is ready for in-store pickup at Atlanta Midtown!” containing instructions to follow in order to get my purchase. I drove to Target, the one by Atlantic Station, only to be told that there was no package for me and that my order had been canceled. WTF?!?! I assumed the in store shopper just didn’t look hard enough, but no, there were none to be found. After crutching back to the M6 I decided to take a gamble at other stores. Turned out that North Druid Hills did have the three that were claimed to be in stock, so I bought one and headed home. Oy vey (it is Hanukkah after all)…

Last night I treated myself to another episode of “The Queen’s Gambit” when I should have been improving my coding skills instead. I really need to get on the stick about improving my coding skills because I have a feeling that 2021 will provide me with a “career transition” (I’ll have to find a new job); just a feeling I have…

Hope that you are staying warm, happy, and healthy.

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7 Responses to 2020-12-15

  1. Bonnie says:

    Keep me posted on porch-sitting. I was scheduled to be away from home tonight, but it may not happen now. TBD.

  2. Steve Brady says:

    A somewhat slow day yesterday, possibly made slower due to no coffee in the house! While I don’t really drink much, there is a certain pleasure in having a cup or two in the morning. That situation was rectified yesterday afternoon!

    I’m almost at the end of my rope with Zwift. Such a PITA to get everything to talk to one another, and it loads slowly on the PC. IT hasn’t found my HRM since the first time, while the phone it’s using as an intermediary can find it. I’m hoping some new technology I believe Santa is providing will help the situation. While I rode, I watched another episode of “Last Dance”. Not a huge BB fan, but this is so well done.

    Looks like a beautiful day to steal packages off porches!


  3. Steve says:

    So, how was PT?

  4. Steve says:

    6PM!! They will be all worked up and you will pay the price!!

  5. 3pm and still waiting for one more delivery — the priciest of the bunch. 😢 Hoping FedEx comes through for me within the next two hours…

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