Well, the one package that I anticipated getting yesterday, which FedEx stated would be delivered by the “End of the Day”, didn’t arrive and now has no assigned delivery date. Perhaps Apple should hire Amazon to deliver their purchases because Amazon is doing a lot better job at getting shit to its customers. Another shout of thanks to Bonnie who house sat to accept the delivery while I went to physical therapy. Hopefully by the time I spend big bucks again with Apple next year I can pick up my purchase at an Apple Store in person instead of playing this waiting game.

My PT was fine; my knee is a little sore and angry today. The therapist said my knee looked good, worked me out lightly (this being the first visit), iced me down, and sent me on my way. I return tomorrow and Monday, and then need to schedule more visits after that. While there last night I flashed back to my recovery days of 2011 when I had the bicycle wreck. It’s odd to think that the wreck occurred nearly ten years ago.

On my drive down to PT I was stopped at the traffic light at Ormewood and Moreland and was aghast to watch someone roll down their car window and toss out some trash. I will NEVER wrap my head around the laziness and lack of responsibility that litterbugs have. I wanted yell at the man but knew no good would come of it. People, we are the worst.

I have an interesting (YMMV) follow up to the utensil holder saga. Yesterday while watching a British game show they had the utensil holder that I originally wanted to purchase, stainless steel with holes in the sides, but couldn’t find online. Turns out, even though I looked at IKEA’s website and couldn’t find them, that’s where they are sold and apparently are in stock in Atlanta. Dangen! Oh well, I’m just going to stick with the ones that are here already.

Here is something that doesn’t happen often — Werder Bremen lost on a weekday. Oh, they’ve been losing a lot again, but normally their games are played on the weekends. Though not as laughably bad as the Jets, Werder Bremen have been sinking in the standings and are currently in thirteenth place out of eighteen teams. 😢

Today will be another work day with little physical activity. Given that weather in Atlanta will be cold and rainy I’m not too disappointed to stay indoors today. It’ll probably be too cold for FedEx to go outside today as well…

Stay well, be happy, please don’t litter.

Wednesday Tale of the Tape: 186.8 pounds (-1.6 from last week’s weigh-in); wow, that part of my meniscus taken out must have been made of titanium!

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12 Responses to 2020-12-16

  1. Bonnie says:

    Your bike wreck doesn’t seem that long ago to me, as I very recently read about it in my old blog readings! 😉 Something else I recently read was Martha’s then goal to make a new recipe every week (or something like that). I think I’m going to make that a goal for 2021. I also need to re-implement exercise and food logging in 2021. Since I had to go “all the way to Paulie’s” last night, it sounded like a good idea to pick up a pizza from Grant Central, being it was on the way after all… You know how much of that pizza is left today? Es ist nichts übrig! *Sigh* I can’t bring myself to get on the scale these days—I just don’t want to know…

    Post house-sitting, last night’s fun was an HOA Zoom meeting that brought news I expected but didn’t want to hear. #FU2020 *Sigh*

  2. Bonnie says:

    I need to lay a Hashers Not Trashers trail…

  3. Decided that for the next handful days as I putter around the house I should collect things to take to Goodwill on Monday either before or after my PT session.

  4. Steve says:

    Your date is wrong.

    Glad the PT went well. Thinking about actually getting a professionals opinion about my elbow. Dr. Google isn’t much help.

    Listened to n interesting podcast about the Solarwinds hack from this weekend. At least it was announced this weekend. Apparently, if you’ve been updating your software since March, you got it! And the sneaky Russians… once you install the update, it would just sit there, not running, for 12 to 14 days, so if you put it in your test environment, you might not catch that it was naughty. My interest in this is twofold. We used to run this product and I loved it! When I see the Solarwinds folks at the Cisco shows, I always stop and chat and tell them I wish I was still running it! It’s a real shame…

    Planted a few fence posts yesterday. Will be taking the scooter apart tonight in preparation for the new battery to arrive.


  5. Still trying to generate Christmas spirit. Taking a break from spending money to do so, trying Christmas music today.

  6. Still no expected delivery date for my Apple purchase. I don’t know whether I should be angry at Apple, FedEx, or both. Nor do I know to whom I turn to get answers.

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