I believe in the past I’ve adopted a theme for my new year. I wasn’t going to do so this year, but then yesterday a theme kept popping into my mind, so I decided I should go with it. My theme for 2021? “Embracing Change”.

It’s easy to say that “change” happened in 2020 and that we all were forced to embrace it in some way or another, but I feel that I have a lot more ahead of me this year.

Already I’ve had to deal with the recovery from my knee surgery. I am looking forward to talking to the doctor tomorrow to get her assessment as well as any advice for returning my knee to its pre-damaged state.

Today a change will occur that will alter the appearance of the ITP Estate’s property. I am having the tree limbs overhanging the power line trimmed, and the large dead pine tree as well as the smaller trees around it cut down. Even though these trees in the backyard are on the northern side of the ITP Estate the yard should get more sun, which should make my efforts to grow vegetables this year a little easier.

I expect 2021 will throw some more curveballs as well. Employment? Perhaps. Family? Perhaps. Political? It appears so. Declining health? Hopefully not. Normalcy, peace, happiness, improving health? Those would be hanging curveballs hit for a home run and would be fantastic. There are also some decisions that I will be making this year that I will discuss when the times arrive.

Well, as I type… I just read that it is confirmed that “XYZ Corp” will not be renewing its lease on the office space in Midtown. I hope this means that I can work from home, at least for as long as I remain an employee of “XYZ Corp”.

Yesterday I attempted a trainer ride. After thirty uninspired and bothersome minutes I quit.

Last night I continued emptying the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer by making a large batch of macaroni and cheese, into which I stirred a bag of peas. The food was delicious. Not as delicious was the bottle of cheap red wine that I opened to drink with it. The wine was okay, but I could definitely taste the cheapness within it.

Two things I don’t expect to change are the frequency or content of this blog — for better or worse. 🙂

Hope you are doing well and are having a good start to your year. And if you are not, I hope that things change for the better soon.

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11 Responses to 2021-01-07

  1. Steve says:

    Well, I believe change is coming, that’s for sure!

    I had set yesterdays congressional proceedings to record (just C-Span, not too many talking heads) as I believed it to really be a historical event. Little could I have imagined. What. A. Sad. Day.

    I did manage to get 25 minutes on the trainer. Still trying to unravel the complexities of getting a account linked on Zwift Power. Clearly some of these features were designed as an afterthought and not in the initial layout.

    Keep the faith. Better days are ahead.


  2. Time to start embracing the change…

    Today’s tree work will cost me the equivalent of a new, souped up 13” MacBook Air. 😢

    Hope the neighbors didn’t want to sleep in this morning. 🙄

  3. Steve says:

    “my neighbor” is working on a very large piece of equipment with some sort of air hammer. He is easily 150 yards away and it sounds like they are beating on a 55 gallon drum right outside the window.

  4. This is nerve racking. I also hope my driveway survives the onslaught of branches.

  5. barb says:

    always fun when there is lots of noise going on outside……….

    nothing new going on in Cobb County – but I did see we can get Mary & TJ signed up for Covid vaccines next week – Allan already got his 1st one on Monday.
    I just have to wait…………..

    • Steve says:

      Just do what we do and stay away from people! Of course, I say that with Debbie on the way to the cafe’!!

      So the republicans block Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court- Biden just announced him as his pick for attorney general. I have several suggestions for possible prosecutions!

  6. Tree work done and paid for. I’ve spent some time cleaning up some of the carnage since I did not pay the extra to remove the items cut down in the back, to beat the rain.. The large, dead-for-years pine tree can rot away, I have already taken care of most of the sweet gum, and the real pain will be chopping up the privet.

  7. Oddly I did not take the mulch generated from the limbs taken down out front. I kept thinking “where will they dump them that does not also have their truck driving over my water meter housing?” So, I chose not to take them.

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