Happy Inauguration Day! While I know that everyone does not agree with my enthusiasm, I couldn’t be happier to get rid of the Trump administration today.

My garden plot project reminds me why I rarely start major DYI projects — they take me forever to complete. I spent about another two hours yesterday, in not nearly as much sunshine and warmth as was promised by the weather apps, pulling a lot of roots while shoveling and tamping dirt. Sadly I don’t have much progress to show for my efforts yesterday. Even my little bird friend, a tufted titmouse I believe, was unimpressed with my efforts; it showed up briefly grabbed a few morsels, and moved on without even chirping “Thanks!”. I need to wrap up this project soon so that I can sow seeds and then move on to the other myriad of house projects that require my attention. One of the beneficial things this garden plot project is providing me is exercise; I can tell by how sore my body is each day following a work day. I should get back out again this afternoon to beat the rain that is arriving in a few days but may not since I am getting a “late” start this morning (7:00am), and may need to give my body a rest day.

Last night was the fourth consecutive night that I craved pizza, but did not get one. At least I was able to make a dinner which satisfied me, an Instant Pot’s worth of a Pauliefied Chili Garlic Noodle recipe. Not only was the resultant meal delicious, I have leftovers for three more (sensibly portioned) meals and I was able to use up about five ingredients from my refrigerator, including many vegetables. As I am starting to run out of a couple of food staples I may need to make a grocery store run in the next couple of days. It’s a never-ending cycle…

Hope you are remaining healthy and happy.

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4 Responses to 2021-01-20

  1. Steve says:

    After I returned from getting my oil changed, I was pondering what my afternoon would entail. I suddenly noticed a horse out in the new unsecured pasture. Debbie reports that he has occasionally gone under the not hot electric fence and as far as I can tell that’s how he did it. My afternoon was therefore spent sealing off the small gaps that remained in the fence line.

    Hopefully today will actually involve a little bicycle riding on the road. I was just watching Trump leave joint base Andrews, not soon enough. I do plan on watching the inauguration this morning later.


    • On this day four years ago I felt compelled to drink. I walked to RiRa and watched in dismay at a sight I’d never hoped to see — the inauguration of a petulant man I have, nor well ever respect.
      Four years later RiRa is gone, I’ve been working from home and haven’t been to a concert since before March, and next month the lease of the office in Midtown will expire and not be renewed. The times have changed…

      Good Riddance, Donald J Trump!

  2. Dangen! I thought Biden would be sworn in at noon, so I missed it.

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