Not much to report today other than Lowe’s has seeds, plants, and seed potatoes in stock! Though potatoes are on the Verboten List for those of us whose bodies hang onto potassium like it’s going out of style, I do want to experiment with planting them and then slowly consuming the fruits, or tubers in this case, of my labor. Bonnie continues to give me grief about the number of Lowe’s trips I’ve made in the past year, and she’s right. Partially in my defense however, some of the items I have been buying have been heavy and/or bulky, which mean I can only fit so many of each into the M6.

Gardening, or at least setting up a garden currently, is my one “expensive” hobby. While I am gainfully employed I allow myself one “expensive” hobby. At one time it was playing golf (hard to believe, right?); cycling has been an expense that I hope to not invest much into until I want to buy a new bicycle; photography was the same and if I ever start using my old camera gear I might get the bug to buy new camera gear; of course there are computers/gadgets whose expense I justify by being an iOS developer. Soon I will seriously contemplate replacing my old 2014 MacBook Air with a new, fancier, M1 MacBook Air (or similar). Once I have the garden situated later this year the ITP Estate, specifically repairing the ITP Estate, will be my one “very expensive” hobby.

For the record, beer drinking is not a hobby so it’s exempt. 😂😂🤣

This month I have been documenting my subscriptions and will start to see if I can reduce my monthly output of cash.

I took yesterday off from exercising to give my body a rest. Besides, though it wasn’t the most active of days I was constantly into something during the day. I guess that I sacked out before 9:00pm again last night after watching Top Chef “with” Betsy. Maybe in an attempt to stay up a little later so that I might sleep through the night I will start doing physical chores after dinner while hanging around the house instead of plopping onto the futon to catch up on videos. I will say that recently I have had some lucid dreams, many of which are clear as day when I awake during them. Wait, is that what “lucid” means?

Tonight is German class, which I guess is an expensive hobby too? This is a hobby that may get das Boot (psst, the real German word for “the boot” is der Stiefel) after this quarter depending on how I rate my progress. You all are sick of me saying how I am not studying enough, I’m sure. 😉

Hope that you all are remaining well and keeping your chins up, not that you have more than one chin, you know what I mean!

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6 Responses to 2021-01-21

  1. Bonnie says:

    Ha! I was already formulating a comment about our “beer hobby” until I read that paragraph. 😁

  2. It’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. 🙌🏼😂

  3. Steve says:

    I would say beer is exempt as well.

    There was much play yesterday with the new landscape rake. I’m still waiting on the wheels that go on the back to keep it from digging in too much, but it is already doing great work. I will need to overseed, as it pullled up what little grass there was in some places, but apparently rye grass will still take hold at our current temperatures.

    Rode some Zwift last night. Started up “Alp du Zwift” and just like the real thing, has 21 switchbacks. I managed 2 before I bagged it. It did say I hit 50 on the way down, though.

    Looking to see if I can get seed down today before it really rains.


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