Morning friends. I’d offer you some coffee, but I’m drinking the last cup and have decided to quarantine for the weekend (starting today) in an effort to be productive and knock out some of the many chores on my To Do list.

Last night was frustrating and rewarding at the same time. My internet, don’t get me started again, was breaking up constantly and Zoom kept freezing during the first fifteen minutes of German class so I dropped off. Part of me was thrilled as it opened up 2.5 hours that I expected to sit in front of a computer screen. In that time I did a little German studying, watched some YouTube, and washed my dirty dishes while listen to an album — “The Neon Skyline” by Andy Shauf — that is on KEXP’s “Top 93.3 Albums Released in 2020”; this album came in at #82. One of my up-to-now unpublished goals for 2021 is to listen to every album in KEXP’s list in an attempt to discover new artists and to rediscover artists that put out records last year. I also walked around the house a wee little bit trying to solve some of the organizing/minimalism problems still facing me, including some of the ones I’ve created recently by doing wardrobe rearranging. I am one person, living in a large space, this shouldn’t be as hard as I am making it.

I’m keeping an eye on today’s weather because if the rain stops early enough (which is guaranteed according to the weather app I consult) I may attempt to get out into the yard and do a little work this afternoon, even if the ground is muddy. Hell, I have rubber boots, why should it matter? Actually, moist soil, mostly red clay in my back yard, might be easier to work with than the rock-hard blobs were earlier in the week. We’ll see.

Regardless, I will be dedicating my entire day tomorrow, and probably as much as Sunday as I can muster to yard work. My (incredibly ambitious) goal is to have all of the pavers neatly laid in a 13’x13′ square with the raised garden beds interspersed; extra credit will be given to clearing out more of the downed trees/limbs laying in back yard. Hopefully by Monday I will have made enough progress, and am proud enough of my accomplishments, to warrant a photo in the blog.

If you are a RealityTV fan and Netflix subscriber then I suggest you check out Season 2 of “Blown Away” which airs tonight. “Blown Away” is a competition show, a la “Top Chef”, but with glass blowers as the contestants. I really enjoyed Season 1 and will start watching Season 2 tonight.

Oh, a glance at the calendar shows that today is the halfway mark of my 55th year. Happy Half-Birthday to me!

I hope you have a wonderful and healthy weekend.

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5 Responses to 2021-01-22

  1. Steve says:

    Flappy half birthday to you.

    Before it really started raining yesterday, I managed to get seed down over what I had dragged on Wednesday. Hopefully it will take and keep the hill from running into the neighbors pond. And I think the amount of rain was just about right to get it started_ not too much and not too little.

    After lunch at the cafe, a grocery run, then a little Zwifting.

    Debbie had bought pork chops from Costco on her last trip and she sous vide’d them for dinner. These were straight from the Flintstones, as they were easily an inch and a half thick. So tender and tasty!

    Waiting on the farrier to show and the weather to break. Might go ride outdoors if it does!

    A great weekend all.


  2. Bob says:

    Maybe Wheelhopper on Sunday will entice you to break quarantine? Rumor has it there is a beer stop at Reformation brewery 🙂

    I may be down in your hood tomorrow, there is an “Ales and overlanders” event at Best End brewing. I have a new obsession with overlanding vehicles and would like to check some out. There is a series on Amazon called Expedition Overland where they make their way through Alaska and was pretty cool to watch.

  3. Aw, I just read that Hank Aaron has died today.

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