If I still titled these blogs posts today would have to be “Redefining Success” since that phrase keeps recurring in my head. At least that is a little more hopeful than “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” which is all I could think after Saturday’s long and not terribly productive day in the back yard.

The areas of my life whose success may need redefining are my garden plot project which may not turn out to be the stunning success I envisioned, my left knee surgery since I still “feel” the knee more than I’d like considering that I had the surgery about six weeks ago, learning German, and my coding career. Nothing major at least… 😉

The garden plot project still has (another) two (or more) long days of hard labor ahead of it. My biggest conundrum is from where I will source the red clay necessary to make it a solid, level plot since I don’t know if enough exists in the square plot to do so. I may wind up digging out of the garden beds, making them deeper, in order to finish the job; I can always backfill the beds with soil purchased from Lowe’s. After two marathon days of hard labor (by my computer programmer’s definition) I neatly leveled and laid two garden beds and about a quarter/third of the paving stones. I should be able to get two of the three remaining garden beds in place by week’s end, the last garden bed and the remaining pavers are wildcards.

At a certain point yesterday afternoon I couldn’t deal with the garden plot any longer. “Fortunately” I always have other tasks which need my attention. Since I was already outside (on another spectacular comfortable January day) and dirty, I decided to tackle more of the downed trees and limbs. I spent at least an hour chopping and lugging before my body screamed “ENOUGH!”. By the end of the day my body was aching from top to bottom, my left knee and the tendinitis in my right elbow both convinced me that it was time to quit. After cleaning off my tools I came inside to take a long, warm shower before popping open a few cans of beer to reward my efforts and kill some of the pain. I wanted to go to Aldi yesterday to buy groceries and a frozen pizza to make for dinner, but I was too exhausted.

It almost goes without saying that I fell asleep incredibly early last night. It is now 4:30am and I have been awake long enough to wash last night’s dishes, and write and upload this blog post. Time to hobble into the kitchen and make some much-needed coffee.

Yesterday I entertained the thought of a Packers v Bills Super Bowl; both teams lost their respective games. I’m sure some people will be happy with a Buccaneers v Chiefs game, but it holds little interest for me.

Hope your weekend was pain-free, healthy, and happy.

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8 Responses to 2021-01-25

  1. Bonnie says:

    I always enjoy watching the Super Bowl… errrrr… eating a bunch of yummy crap and drinking with friends or family. 😁 However, this year won’t be the same so it’s doubtful I’ll even bother. *Sigh*

    • Yeah, same here. Given I’ve hung out with the Raleigh Royalty a few times since March I probably would have continued my tradition of going to Raleigh if it was a Packers/Bills game, but now I’ll probably be smart and stay home this year.

  2. Steve says:

    Sadly, I’m back at work today, but glad to have a job! My vacation, while only spent around the house, was a nice relief.

    Saturday, after waiting on the rain to end, I was finally able to dust off the scooter and scoot around for a hundred miles or so. Went in search of lunch, but never really found anything that appealed to me.

    Sunday was a lovely slow start, and after realizing it was lovely outside, decided to actually take a bike on the road! Well, at least it wasn’t indoors. 17 CX miles, riding in new shoes and new pedals (Thanks Allan). I thought I had gotten lucky, as the shoes and cleats seemed perfectly aligned, but when I got home, the cleats were actually loose, so I’m not sure I had good alignment or not. I did think about Wheelhopper, but it was BFE from me.

    I was disappointed by the GB loss. They blew an opportunity late in the game and settled for a field goal. A “co-worker” is a huge KC fan (season tickets) and I guess I’ll root for them, but that’s the only reason.


  3. barb says:

    We missed the Packer game, and in the end, that was a good thing.
    Wheelhopper was fun, and Bob (& family) came over for a “quick” bike repair after that wasn’t all that quick (just ask Laura – LOL)

    we like the Chiefs – but if the Bills had won, that would be ok too.

    Said goodbye to the camper this morning – the guy that picked it up was super chatty, I had to tell him at least 5 times, I need to get back to the office. he had all kinds of idea for our next camper.

    • On to bigger and better things, the Camper Mahal! 😂

      • barb says:

        we don’t have enough room (parking where Allan rant he electrical) to get a much bigger camper – but that’s ok – we don’t need a huge one.
        Then people would want to rent a room & camp with us – hahahahaha

        • Steve says:

          I’m not sure I ever understood just what broke. You said “the frame” but I don’t know how you could tow it with a broken frame.

          • barb says:

            the frame at the top – it isn’t broken all the way thru – but it hit it hard enough to crack it in 2 places. And – there is a low spot on the roof now, so water gathers – and we found a leak when we used it. It would cost way too much to try to fix it

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