My sleep routine has become ridiculous. I may have made it to 8:00pm last night, and subsequently have been awake since 3:30am.

I am finding having Plan B (and occasion Plan C) available is quite convenient. Yesterday afternoon I went out to the back yard, in not nearly as wonderful weather as we had earlier in the day, to resume construction of my garden plot area. You know what’s nearly impossible to work with? Muddy red clay that refuses to be shaped and leveled. After muddying up a pair of work gloves, a shovel, and my tamper, I gave up. Plan B was to do a 180° turn and work on continued clearing of the downed tree/limb zone; at least that wasn’t a completely muddy patch of land. I spent a couple of hours pruning, bagging, and adding to my collection of yard waste bags and limbs sitting at my curb. This rain is going to make collection of the yard waste bags veeeeery interesting. I will be satisfied when my garden plot construction is finished and all but the massive hewn pine tree lay in the tree/limb zone of my back yard. I do have future have plans… Putt putt golf course? Sadly no, I’m afraid the opossum I saw waddling beyond my backyard fence yesterday morning may pick up the golf balls and waddle away with them.

Hmmm, something knocked over the recycling I keep outside in the carport. There are no food scraps in the containers so I wonder what drew it toward the them?

Plan for today? Ugh, what a lousy weather forecast we have for Atlanta. I will be spending nearly the entire day indoors, with the exception of executing two chores. One chore is getting a COVID test. Why? Because I can, and for some reason I’ve yet to hear results of the one that I took last week. 🤔😠 Then, if I can manage my time properly the other chore is going on an Aldi run. I’ve run out of produce and would like to restock, and I wouldn’t mind picking up a pizza to bake for dinner tonight. 😋

Before I sit down to start my workday I’m going to eat some breakfast and do a load of laundry. Woot!

Hope you are doing fine and staying healthy.

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One Response to 2021-01-27

  1. Steve says:

    The rain hasn’t started here yet, but once it does, it will be an all day affair.

    Only working a half day today, as we have a meeting with our rep for Stone Mountain this afternoon. Not sure what kind of product we can produce and if anyone will come see it, so this will be an interesting discussion.

    I thought about going for a road ride yesterday, but after all the rain from the night/morning, I knew the dirt roads would be swamps. I did ride a tough half hour on the trainer. That Richmond loop kills me every time I ride it.

    And the rain just started…


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