February 19th? No, it has no significance for me other than to realize that we are already more than halfway through the second month of 2021. We are also eight days from the tenth anniversary of my Big Bicycle Wreck; more on this next Friday however.

Last night I made an Executive Decision to skip German class. I wasn’t prepared, so I attempted to use that time block in a more productive way. Yesterday I purchased a book about Apple’s new(ish) software technology called Combine (I won’t bore you by attempting to explain it. 🤓). This is the latest effort of mine to learn this technology and I decided to keep plowing through the book instead of flailing at German. By and large I was able to read/work for a lot of class time before predictably falling asleep early.. I’ll be continuing with my professional education today.

I did allow myself a break during which I constructed the last of my metal raised garden beds. This is the Frankenbed since it is roughly 3’x9′ and constructed from components from two 3’x6′ kits; the other bed constructed from these two kits is a 3’x3′ square that is the centerpiece of my “formal” garden plot (hereto forth to be called the FGP, not to be confused with FP who is of course “Fagpipes” aka “Steve” 😂). The “Plan” for the 3’x9′ bed is to hold climbing plants beans/cucumbers/etc along the back (where there better be a trellis, and positioned such that their shade cast will not hinder other plants), and probably house things that were initially planned for the FGP beds that are not ready.

Today I hope to get outside to do more work on the back yard. I am going to try to clear the three small straggling trees (two privet and a magnolia), pull up the English Ivy in a portion of the yard (this will be an ongoing task, I’m sure), and level the area on which the 3’x9′ bed will rest. Who knows, I may even make progress on the construction of the FGP, but it’s doubtful. What I will do in the FGP today is fill the two set beds with compost to see how far a bag of compost stretches, and thus be able to calculate how much more compost I’m going to need for this season. Yeah, more money spent on gardening supplies… These vegetables, if they ever emerge, will be the most expensive meals I have ever eaten. 😬 I have been making my own compost, but it’s been very slow to break down. 😔 I wonder what the free compost offered by Dekalb County is like…

As alluded to yesterday I will most likely be going to hashes on each day this weekend. Tomorrow I will be a mere spectator for the annual-but-not-quite-what-it-used-to-be My Bloody Valentine’s Hash, but I am hopeful that I can ride Wheelhopper on Sunday. If I can ride, this will be my first actual hash experience since late August.

Tomorrow will also see me bundling up for a walk with Betsy and Bella early in the morning. Of course I’ll also bring along my litter picker-upper for the walk to East Atlanta Village. Also, I am hoping to be home from the hash early enough tomorrow to build a fire and sit around it for a few hours; those dead Christmas trees are not going to burn themselves you know! And if they do, oooh that won’t be good for anyone.

Hope you are happy and healthy, and have a wonderful weekend planned.

Days Without an Amazon Purchase: 2

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6 Responses to 2021-02-19

  1. Bonnie says:

    Just reading the blog makes me tired! 😉 Whatever chores I accomplish today won’t be anything like yours…

    • Whatever. 😁

      As I keep saying, if “I don’t do it, it won’t get done.”.

      Unless… Come on over and do some manual labor! And bring beer! 😂

  2. Barb says:

    Good morning from St Pete.
    The Dali & Van Gogh immersive experience was very cool. You should go when it’s in Atlanta. They required masks (& everyone kept them on).
    Spent the rest of the day wandering downtown St Pete. People everywhere, but we were outside the whole time.
    My friend Mary finally got back from TX last night, so we are meeting up for breakfast before heading to Jax.
    (No more Skyline stops this trip)

  3. Steve says:

    A long but productive day in the orifice yesterday. After the 5PM change, I was finally out the door at 6. And delicious truck stop Mexican for dinner.

    The Brown man I’d doing better. He started eating a bit yesterday and already this morning, he took his meds and ate a bit. His head isn’t cocked, which to me was a sign of his dizziness (ask me how I know). His gate is getting better.

    There is hunting tomorrow in Middle Ga and we were thinking about riding down. Debbie is doing better but not ready to be on horseback yet.

    Have a great weekend.


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