It was an interesting weekend…

On Friday I did a ton of yard work, until I could do no more. I cut down the three small trees standing in the middle of the yard and because the soil was perfect for root pulling, even managed to get the stumps out of the ground. This work was all necessary in order to place the Frankenbed, which is preliminarily in place now. The placement of the bed took quite a while as I continued to hit and remove tree roots. It also took longer than necessary as I spent entirely too long trying, and eventually failing, to get the ground on which it sits level. I’m not good at this.

When I was done all I wanted to do after showering was sit and vegetate in front of my television. And then for the second time in a week my 55″ Vizio TV failed, this time it appears that it has gone kaputt for good! 😭 A little Googling has identified that my specific Vizio television has a bad habit of having the solder points on one of its circuit boards break. At the moment I am going to live the television-less life (not really, I have a small one in the living room and the projector in the basement, in addition to an iPad) and make a decision what to purchase next. I am wracking my brain, in Atlanta are there any other places to purchase a TV these days other than Best Buy? Target perhaps? Walmart perhaps?

After my walk with Betsy and Bella Saturday morning, prior to which I picked up another bag of trash, Bonnie and I drove to Smyrna for the My Bloody Valentine Hash. Because Bonnie and I were ailing we opted to do a walkabout instead of trail. We did stumble (not literally) on trail and managed about a 1.25-mile walk. Apparently the hounds mistakenly shortcutted trail and didn’t hash much further than we walked. The real downside of the trail was the hare’s decision to not purchase discounted candy for the pack. WTF? After the hash Bonnie and I returned to the ITP Estate where we whipped up a quick dinner — tofu and broccoli with rice — and then spent a lovely few hours sitting around a blazing fire.

Yesterday I tested the knee for the first time by going to Wheelhopper. Because the start was in Decatur / Avondale Estates I assumed the trail wouldn’t be too challenging. For a 100% fit person that would have been correct, but for me I struggled. The knee has pain, perhaps not the meniscus(?), trail was suspiciously marked so Bonnie and I may have been two of three who did the entire trail. Actually, Bonnie did more of the actual trail than I did because I inadvertently shortcutted some of trail. We were out for over three hours; my Strava recorded a little more than eighteen miles. The knee is no worse this morning than when I started trail yesterday, which isn’t a ringing endorsement for my recovery of course.

Today I have my semi-annual dental checkup. I hope that all goes well on that front. As of 7:00am I am undecided about my participation in tonight’s Moonlight Hash.

Hope you all had a healthy and happy weekend.

Days Without an Amazon Purchase: 5

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  1. ITP-Reader John (aka Ham with Cam) has reminded me that eleven years ago today I won first place at the camera club meetup we used to attend in Roswell. Wow, that seems like a lifetime ago!

  2. Oh yeah, yesterday was also a monumental day because for the first time in many years I was able to comfortably fit into a Muscle Mountain Mania jersey!

    • Bonnie says:

      I made him and Burning Bush do a down down because they were wearing the same jerseys and riding the same bikes. 😁

      • She has been able to wear hers since we got it… 😀 Barb, Steve, what years did we do that ride?

      • I was going to guess 2005, but this article from Emory University Health Sciences in 2006 may provide the answer…

        When snow started falling that April morning in Suches, Georgia, Jonathan Glass thought it would clear quickly, but instead it snowed steadily all day, covering the trail of the first annual Muscle Mountain Mania bike ride in white. Still, some 303 riders and 45 volunteers adapted: some cyclists shortened their routes, some hopped a local farmer’s cow trailer for a ride back to the lodge, and some actually finished the 62-mile snow-laden trail.
        Glass, an Emory neurologist and director of the ALS Center, participated in the ride, which raised money for ALS research at Emory in honor of his patient, Bob Thompson, an avid cyclist who died of ALS in 2004. The event was organized by Thompson’s wife, Janie.
        “I see patients like Bob every week, slowly being robbed of muscle control and movement throughout their bodies,” says Glass. “And every day, my fellow researchers and I return to the laboratory to investigate the causes of and potential treatments for this devastating disease. While celebrating life until the very end, Bob Thompson also imagined a cure for ALS. It was with a cure in mind that he and his wife Janie planned this event to support our work at Emory.”
        Feeling helpless as the illness took hold, Bob and Janie Thompson turned their pain into hope as they envisioned a bike ride to raise money for ALS research. After Bob’s death in April 2004, Janie Thompson continued to turn grieving into positive action by organizing an annual ride. She came up with a name, Muscle Mountain Mania, and a motto, “Celebrate Life, Imagine a Cure,” and she developed a website—www.alsride.org.
        The Muscle Mountain Mania inaugural ride raised $64,000 to support ALS research at Emory. This year’s ride, held on April 1, added $60,000 to that amount. Rather than fading, the memory of Bob Thompson is growing stronger in Suches and in the hearts hundreds of riders who are giving legs to a cure for ALS.

        However, Trish (aka “Saddlebred”, aka “Mount Me”) has a map dated 2005. I know we did it two years, perhaps they were 2005 and 2006?

      • You know what provides an answer?
        The Inside The Perimeter Blog!

  3. Bonnie says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve hashed both weekend days. I loved Wheelhopper. Pretty sure that will be the only time we’ll be called into circle for being FRBs (the only ones who did true trail). 😂 It was my first jubilee too! 10= 6 actual trails, 1 bimbo and 3 joint trails I got credit for.

    Paulie, it’s good your knee doesn’t hurt more today after riding, correct? I mean good within your current circumstance, not good like all is right with the world. But it also interesting that the pain you’ve been feeling may not be your meniscus?

    • I am taking the fact that I was not bothered sleeping, or at least what I call sleeping, and that it hurts no more than previously as a bonus. 90% of my movement is pain-free, but that 10% briefly hurts like a mother🤬.

  4. HamWithCam says:

    Suggestions for TV deals:
    – Micro Center (Marietta and Duluth)
    – Fry’s, now the only one is way up GA-400
    – Best Buy
    – Costco
    – The Amazon

    Congrats again for that First Place win!

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • Thanks!

      Oh, Micro Center. I forgot about them. I will be up that way today since my dentist’s office is near the stadium for the baseball team that used to play in Atlanta.

      The Fry’s in Gwinnett closed? Whoa!

      Costco, I’m no longer a member.

      Amazon is a no-go, not because of my self-imposed ban, but I’d like to see the TV in person before purchasing.

      • Steve says:

        I think the warehouse stores may be a good option if you’re going big. I think our current TV came from Tar-Jay, but it’s only a 48 or so. We have a Costco membership, if you wanted to look.

      • I currently have a 55″ which is big enough for me. I’ll look at Costco’s offerings and let you know. Thanks!

  5. Steve says:

    I’m calling you out!! YOUR KNEE DOESN’T HURT !!! FFS, Man! And not just a little ride but 18 miles. I would be ecstatic!

    I finally managed to ride the entire Alp du Zwift. Supposedly an “exact” copy of Alp du Huez, it took me 92 minutes!! That was Friday evening. I spun 20 minutes Saturday and didn’t feel too bad and rode last night and could still feel it when I dug in.

    Saturday, we went on a road trip to Alpharetta. As we were a late starter, we did manage a quick breakfast at the OHoP on Cheshire Bridge. Always good. The trip to the hinterlands was to Dover, a giant tack and horsey fashion store. I need a new helmet and I wasn’t about to buy mail order- though this place is much like Performance Bikes (RIP) but bigger.

    Sunday was dust off the scooter day. I rode SE and saw a sign for a WMA and turned. Nice road, cattle farms and then BISON!! Didn’t know anyone was raising them around here. Cool.

    I can still fit into my MMM jerseys, but with not much room to spare!

    Happy Monday.


  6. Steve says:

    Wildlife Management Area.

    I was just riding around… looked like a nice road.

  7. Back from dentist, all is good.

    Managed to talk myself out of going to Target in Cobb Country and buying a television. Figured I’d spent enough money just by going to the dentist.

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