Good Monday to you friends. I had an action-packed, okay that might be taking it too far, a fun-filled weekend.

On Friday evening Bonnie and I got together at the ITP Estate for a lovely evening parked around a fire pit. We were a little concerned about the wind gusts, which made putting dried Christmas tree branches verboten, but by night’s end the winds had died down and some branches were set ablaze! We also used Bonnie’s Uber Eats coupon to have delicious Thai food from the nearby restaurant Spoon delivered. Yum!

On Saturday morning I took my weekend walk with Betsy and her dog Bella in what seemed to be winter weather. It was gray and chilly, with more winds cutting through my bad choice of clothing. After the walk I coordinated with Bonnie for our day-long journey for Georgia Beer Day. As an added bonus one of my German class buddies joined us. Bonnie and I started the day at the newly-opened Round Trip brewing. Disappointedly by 1pm they had already sold out of commemorative glassware. Undaunted, we had a beer there anyway as we huddled, as much as one can huddle during these days, around an outmatched space heater. From Round Trip we went to one of Atlanta’s oldest breweries, Atlanta Brewing. Old-timers will remember when it used to be located on the Connector near 14th Street. Imagine how much money that land would fetch these days… At Atlanta Brewing we scored our commemorative glassware, and had a beer. From there we went to Dr Scofflaw’s, the newest branch of Scofflaw Brewing, located in the newly-constructed mixed-use(?) development called The Works, on Chattahoochee Avenue. It was there that Shelby (my German class buddy) finally caught up to us, and it was there that the weather became amazingly beautiful when the sun chased away the clouds and warmed us abundantly. At this point it was deemed that the driver should not have any more beer, unless of course it was done within walking distance of the ITP Estate, so we three finished the evening off at Midway Pub. Ooof, that was the most beer I have consumed in one day for awhile.

To give you a sense of how drastically Atlanta’s brewery situation has changed, consider this list of breweries:

  1. Atlanta Brewing
  2. Monday Night
  3. Second Self
  4. Scofflaw
  5. Dr Scofflaw
  6. Steady Hand
  7. Bold Monk
  8. Fire Maker
  9. Round Trip

All of these breweries exist in about a three-mile area in Atlanta’s “Upper Westside”. 🤯

Yesterday I put in a couple hours of digging and root pulling in Wee’s Little Farm (this seems to be the name winning out). I’ve dug what I am calling “Potato Trench #1”, mostly in an effort to move that red clay over to the Formal Garden Plot so it can be leveled and finished. Warm weather arrives this week! We will probably get at least one more hit of cold before summer, but warmth is imminent at this point. The “potato trench(es)” will be where I line up my grow bags filled with potato plants.

After my yard work Bonnie and I met up for a little tooling around on bicycle. I’m glad to report that, though a little tender this morning, my knee seems to be okay with bike riding. I can’t wait until I can say the same for hashing! Anyway, she and I rode the Southside Beltline to the Westside Beltline. At the terminus of the Westside Beltline we rode through some slightly scary neighborhoods to get to Bankhead Marta station. We scouted around a bit to see if it was possible to get from the Proctor Creek Trail to the yet-to-be-completed Westside Connector Trail. Legally, the answer is “No”. At that point she and I rode the unfinished Westside Connector, were slightly thwarted with the current detour, got back on, were slightly thwarted with what appeared to be a NBA All Star Game related traffic snafu which included some assholes riding dirt bikes and four wheelers on the Trail, rode through some of the HBCU area, before figuring out how to connect back with the Southside Beltline at Lee+White. We rode the Southside Trail to Boulevard, where the gravitational pull of Red’s Beer Garden was too great, and we stopped in for a veggie dog and a couple of beers. At Red’s we ran into a handful of hashers who were also there imbibing. As the sun set and the temperature started to drop Bonnie and I mounted our respective bikes and rode back toward out respective neighborhoods and houses.

It goes without saying, but the amount of exhaustion I caused myself this weekend helped my sleep pretty well. 🙂

Tonight? Dunno. I may need to get out some of the frustrations caused by this “XYZ Corp” assignment…

Hope that you had a wonderful and healthy weekend.

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8 Responses to 2021-03-08

  1. Bonnie says:

    The only tidbit left out was that at Midway we ran into a couple hashers as well and crashed their table (with a heater!). Until we (perhaps) drove them away and they decided to eat at a different establishment. 😁

    I’ll decide about Moonlight later today. I feel a bit guilty about my spending this weekend, and then also this upcoming weekend, but I guess YOLO… The good news is I somehow lost 3 pounds today! Haha. I’m telling you, biking is a fat-cell killing machine.

    • Yeah, there was that lame excuse that Midway had sold out of veggie dogs… 😂 And, if one of those we joined reads this, “Hi!” and “Thanks again!”

      Oh, that means I had hot dogs two days in a row? Whoops!

      Okie doke. I’ll be puttering around the house all day, working of course, so when you decide please let me know. If I come to a conclusion I will do the same. You know, gardening will also help! 😉 HAHAHAHA

  2. Steve says:

    There was more stump pulling, some fence prep (i.e. putting in posts) and other Mahindra time.

    I was worthless and weak both Friday and Saturday and did not get on a bicycle. Sunday had me on the scooter for a while and the bicycle (indoors) for almost an hour. It was still cool enough yesterday and I wanted to break a sweat.

    On yesterdays scooter ride, I headed towards Lagrange and stopped for gas at my favorite flavor (Valero). An older station with an adjacent car wash (which was rocking) and nice new pumps. Apparently, the pumps were so new, while they said there was mid-grade and high-grade, there wasn’t. I bought a tankful of the cheap stuff and rode home.

    Today will be a run to the feed store to get some more posts and a run to get a round bale. Oh, and work. Debbie has already left the house for her wound care appointment and a PT session.


    • I was thinking about your stump pulling as I attempted my own by hand. The back forty is starting to take shape. Once I get rid of the Christmas trees and piles of branches littering the yard (I’ll ignore the giant pine tree lying in it for the time being) I’ll have a good idea how I want things to progress this growing season.

  3. Number of chores I hoped to complete during lunch = 4
    Number of chores I realistically expected to complete during lunch = 2
    Number of chores I completed during lunch = 1

    • Steve says:

      Round bale loaded and returned home. Not put in the hay hut yet…

      (remind self to add driving skid steer to resume)

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