You may think I am having a slow start to my morning, but only in the blogging world. Though it is 7:30am I have already gone to Lowe’s, started a load of laundry in the tub, eaten breakfast, and started to try to figure out how to schedule my COVID vaccine. I’ve also had to update some software on my MacBook Air, which also caused a delay. See, late for a reason.

The weather yesterday afternoon was just right for weed pulling and weed pulling I did! I spent over two hours yanking roots, mostly English ivy, and cutting back branches and small trees in the front yard area, soon to be known as the “Blackberry Patch”; or so I say now. I have let this area be “natural” for far too long. I didn’t realize how overgrown it had become until I surfaced a photo I took in 1999 and saw how wide open it once was, and may be again? The trees have had 22 years to grow, and damage the wall that separates my property from my neighbors in the process. But hey, Nature is going to do whatever you let it do.

I finished the yard work and took a wonderful shower before starting to prepare my $2.75 Aldi pizza that I baked for last night’s Virtual Top Chef dinner. I amended the pizza with some rings of jalapeño and bell peppers. Man was it tasty!

It wasn’t much later than 9:30pm when I passed out in bed, although as I stated above I have been awake and moving since before the sun even considered rising this morning.

Hey, it’s 3/11, which means we all must listen to the 1990s “alternative” band 311! No, thankfully not. It does mean that today is the Black Sheep Hash’s anniversary, the thirtieth such one to be exact. Though my knee has been feeling almost to the point where I can say “good”, even with cycling and yard work, I will be cautious and not venture out on trail tonight. This saddens me as it will be the first Black Sheep Founders Day that I have not hashed with Bonnie, aka “Glory Mole”, who will hopefully enjoy the shit out of tonight’s trail. At least the weather should be great for beer drinking!

Hope that you have a good and healthy Thursday.

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  1. Steve says:

    17 miles yesterday in the smoke filled air. Ugh. We will be adding to that today as the land guys are coming back to burn! If we can get a permit…

    Before I even realized they lowered the age restriction to 55, Piedmont had already sent out an email and I have an appointment tomorrow in Columbus. The choices were there, Sandy Springs, and Watkinsville (Athens). I pulled that trigger as fast as I could.

    As Debbie has a wound care follow up and a PT appointment AND the farrier is coming and the land guys are burning, I said screw it and took the day off.


  2. I am frustrated because when I go to websites to see about scheduling they appear to still want to enforce 65+.

    • Steve says:

      I was completely surprised. As I hadn’t heard they lowered the age, I though they might have considered my heart stent a medical condition. And nothing from the states website, naturally.

    • I read Lurker’s comment last night and thought I’d be able to schedule this morning but and constantly being thwarted. Even Dekalb’s Health Department categorizes me as Phase 2.

      To show my commitment I even created a Walmart account (!) thinking that I could schedule one there.

    • Bonnie says:

      OMG I just finished reading the blog from yesterday! What great news! If Steve received an email from Piedmont, shouldn’t have you? I would contact your doctors office ASAP if I were you. Isn’t your PCP in the Piedmont network?

  3. Bonnie says:

    Yesterday the husband and I hit two state parks for 7.5 miles of hiking with a picnic lunch in-between. High Falls and Indian Springs are about 20 minutes apart so why not.
    Great weather. I’d been to High Falls before with Paulie but Indian Springs was new-to-me. It’s also connected to the Dauset trail system but I haven’t investigated that.

    I’ve been making fancy-pants dinners (for me) the past two nights for some reason. Parmesan and panko encrusted fish over an ancient grain pilaf with roasted asparagus and yellow squash; and lobster ravioli with a butter garlic sauce and the same vegetables sides. Thanks Aldi! 😁 (And Kroger.) I broke my no drinking at home during the week rule by also purchasing a 3-glass baby boxed wine of Rose’ to split between the two nights. Sometimes you have to pay extra for forced moderation (although it was $1 off)…

    Paulie, sorry for accidentally hitting send before I finished typing my email address on my vaccination comment and sending it to moderation. I know we talked about it recently, but did you sign up on that website I gave you a while back? I’ll look and see if I can find the other one or two I signed up on.

    • No worries. I approved once it was in moderation. I should try to fix that…

      I signed up for that website, and the one for Dekalb Healthcare today. I think it’s going to be a crapshoot.

    • Look at you hiking and cooking. Sorry we didn’t hit Indian Springs that day too, I was tired and wanted beer. 🙂

    • barb says:

      fish? who are you?

      • Bonnie says:

        It was supposed to be just for the husband, but yeah I ate a small portion too. I’m not going to win vegetarian of the year… Seafood has been a weakness lately. I need to re-watch some PETA videos so I can re-cut the cord.

  4. Bob says:

    With the new regulations I am even eligible for vaccine, I’m not 55 yet but I do have Hypertension so that qualifies me. The new rules don’t go in to affect (or is it effect? I never get this one right) until the 15th so I will start trying to book an appointment next week. I went to the Fulton county site and they are only booking for this week, I’m thinking it takes them extra time to update the site. However, when I did look there were appointments available at Mercedes stadium but you had to meet the current restrictions. We will see what we see next week, fingers crossed.
    Laura, because she works at the YMCA is getting her first shot next week.
    There is actually light at the end of this tunnel

  5. Bonnie says:

    Understandably, the husband is a little pissed at the 55 announcement. He is an essential worker phase 1B and he is “getting pushed further down the line”. He has to work unmasked and non-social distanced and has actually gotten COVID from his work environment, while “55 year olds get to get vaccinated then safely continue to work from home.” He’s got a point, but none of this is going to be “fair”. I just hope the doses ramp up and keep coming. (FWIW I don’t insider him “immune” even though he’s had COVID because he was asymptomatic and they say the less sick you were the more likely you may be able to get it again, and some of the new strains may be able to evade immunity. Also, he could still be a carrier, though you may also still be once you are vaccinated too.)

  6. barb says:

    Sally got an appt at Publix for next Monday. (Moderna, if you care)
    Yippie – all us “not so old” folks can get vaccinated.
    (now, I already got mine, but that’s because I got lucky & know someone)

    It was 1 year ago today, we were going to fly to Barcelona – but got stopped in NYC.
    And – I’m flying tonight to Iowa, and that wasn’t even planned to be 1 year to the day of my last flight.

  7. barb says:

    BTW- sad news – sounds like they are taking Claire off all machines today – for me, the 1st person that I know will have died of covid. (and of course, I know, she had other health issues too)

    • Steve says:

      Aww fuck.

      Paulie, I’ve had an account on the Piedmont website since the heart attack, so I guess that’s what got me a spot. Hopefully you can get in.

      5 horses done- 2 with full sets and 3 with just trims. 2 hours. But the farrier and I are now best buds.

    • Oh, wow. I knew things were bad but I didn’t know that they were that bad. Sad news indeed.

    • Bonnie says:

      It seemed like things were trending better for her the past few days so I was surprised to see this news. So sad.

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