Today I am actually off to a slow start. It’s 6am and all I want to do is go back to sleep. I don’t even have recollection of turning off my alarm clock 45 minutes ago.

Remember how crazy I thought it was receiving my brother’s Christmas card on February 2nd? I was informed by my friend in Edmonton Canada that she received my card on Wednesday, and that the card had been postmarked on December 18th! Dumpf’s Presidential legacy lives on… Oh yes, there’s still that ignorance of COVID one year later as well.

Last night’s Black Sheep Founders Day was fun, even though I couldn’t do trail. I think that I ate twice my weight in pizza. 😋 Hell, my knee is feeling a little painful this morning, perhaps I should have run trail? I wore my compression brace for the first time in a little while, perhaps that’s a bad idea? Who knows…

I’m having similar luck in the farming world. Early in the week I transplanted some seedlings into individual pots, and have been taking the tray outdoors each day when it warms up to get natural sunlight. Unfortunately some of the transplants didn’t seem to appreciate this effort and have died. Poop.

Tomorrow my beloved Werder Bremen plays Bonnie’s Evil Empire Bayern Munich. We are going to watch the game on her porch, perhaps noshing on bagels from Emerald City Bagels.

Sunday is a Black Sheep Day, one that I am going to skip in order to meet up with some of my German classmates and theoretically speak German as we drink beer.

Don’t forget, clocks get pushed forward an hour on Sunday morning as we pretend this makes sense.

Have a fun and healthy hour-shortened weekend.

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8 Responses to 2021-03-12

  1. My AT&T internet is going to be death by a thousand paper cuts today… 😡 I have already gone as far as rebooting each piece of hardware providing/using the internet.

  2. IKEA has made an audiobook version of their catalog. I was intrigued enough to click over to audiobooks.com, if for no other reason than to hear how to pronounce the names of their products, but backed off when I saw that I had to create an account and start a free trial to listen to it. I already have too many subscriptions in my life. Oh wait, I see it’s available on Spotify (already have a subscription there), and free on YouTube.

    Now I need to figure out to get my internet to consistently stream data…

  3. HamWithCam says:

    Slow ATT Internet?
    1) unplug everything from your ATT (provided) Router.
    2) plug a laptop (not WiFI) directly into your ATT Router (no downstream switches).
    3) Run a Comcast (not ATT) SpeedTest:

    Are you getting the speed for which you are paying?

    I am currently getting 926.0 down. <– we have ATT fiber to the house.
    And for the record 450-ish via WiFI (via the ATT WAP) on iPhone 11.
    Disclaimer: when I stand right beside it.

    And paying less per month than when we had ATT "lucky if you get 20+" down.
    No bundle (no ATT TV), Internet only.

    Glorious weather and our "$1,400 checks are in the mail"!

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • I will give that a go, thanks.

      I doubt I’ll see a penny of stimulus (I know, I’m lucky and should not complain), but if I do it will go directly to a new laptop, or tv, or beer.

  4. Steve says:

    I wish I could say we have burned the piles, but sadly, the land guys were a no show. We finally got the permit around noon, but they were tied up somewhere else, I guess. The weather has been so crappy for outdoor work of this nature, I’m sure they have lots of customers they are trying to catch up with.

    I did spend some quality time with the farrier. The horses were mostly good- even Mickey, who had never been handled. While he didn’t get shoes, he did stand pretty well for his trimming.

    Appointment in Columbus this afternoon for the first shot. Yippee.
    Tomorrow is the final hunt of the season and I was told we’re going.
    Debbie’s leg is healing well, according to the wound doc.
    Have a great weekend, all!


    • Good luck with everything Steve.

      I chatted up a few near-ancients like myself about the change in vaccine policy. It’s going to be a busy time trying to get myself scheduled. Though I love hanging out on Bonnie’s fantastic porch, I want to watch Werder Bremen lose to Bayern Munich inside a bar next season!

  5. Bonnie says:

    Black Sheep Founders Day: further proof that pizza and IPAs cause weight loss! 🥳

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