It’s a great day already, I had pizza for breakfast! 🍕😁 Oh, and I’m scheduled for my first vaccine shot on March 24th as well.

I had an enjoyable and fun weekend, even breaking with tradition as well as inadvertently following a meme.

On Friday I stayed around the ITP Estate and did a slew of small yard tasks. I have still yet to complete the FGP and wish that weren’t predicted to have multiple inches of rain this week, but I am looking forward to the ground getting dampened so that I can work with the red clay that makes up the dirt in my back yard. Hopefully by this time next week I will have the FGP completed.

Saturday morning I joined Bonnie on her porch to eat breakfast and watch a Bundesliga game. That’s all I care to say about it. 😒 Okay, her team beat mine aaaaaaagain, this time it was 3-1. After the game the two of us determined that exercise was not in the cards and we’d rather visit some new-to-us breweries: destination, Norcross! With four Norcross-based breweries from which to choose, one of which we have already visited, I chose the “closest” of the grouping — Cultivation Brewery. Cultivation is a small and lovely brewery, now all of three weeks old. Fortunately the two of us packed camping chairs and were able to sit comfortably outside socially distanced from everyone. From Cultivation we made the two-mile drive to Anderby Brewing. Anderby was also nice, although not as shiny and new since it’s been open for a year and a half. From the breweries a return trip ITP was in order as was eating dinner. We picked up food from Chico and Chang and ended the day where it had began, this time eating dinner on Bonnie’s porch.

Yesterday morning I joined Betsy and Bella for a weekend walk. This is where the tear in the matrix occurred because I had chosen to eschew going to Black Sheep in order to meet up at Round Trip Brewing with some of my German classmates instead. Fortunately I found us a table in the shade, otherwise I’d be fried to a crisp today, even with the sunscreen I applied. After the group broke up I decided that I wanted pizza for dinner, seriously when wouldn’t I think that?, and rather than make my own I chose to call Grant Central East on my drive home. What a great idea! And by doing so I also added fuel to the ridiculous “Pi Day” (3/14) meme by ordering a pizza pie. 🤦🏻‍♂️

I’m not sure if I’ll be attending tonight’s Moonlite hash. First, no start has been posted yet. Second, I may need a few nights of rest because I am worn out this morning. We’ll see, maybe if I take a nice nap at lunch I’ll recharge my battery.

Hope you had a fun and healthy weekend.

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  1. I had a $75 charge hit my credit card yesterday, apparently the cost of seeing that doctor about my toe a month ago. $75? 🤬

  2. Steve says:

    Hypocondria is an expensive disease. Sorry.

    We went to the end of the last hunt of the season Saturday and enjoyed a nice lunch and open bar (!!! not me!!!). Debbie got a nice bottle of champagne as thanks to her volunteering for the hunt.

    I started cutting the concrete in order to gain access to the water line for the barn. There was relief joints which I thought might indicate the piece of slab might be free. Silly boy, after cutting along the joints, there was still no movement, so Mr. Sledge Hammer and I convinced the concrete to let go. More digging required, which hopefully will go well.

    Sunday was breakfast at a new (to us) place in PTC. Pretty good, so we’ll go back. A stop at Costco (Paulie, they have a nice big (62″?) glass TV for under 2k$. I didn’t investigate, just walked by. Dusted off the scooter and finished breaking up the concrete. No exercise except swinging the hammer.

    And our land clearing is now visible “FROM SPACE” (said in an echo chamber).



    • In my defense my toe was discolored and sore and I have a family history of diabetes, so it’s not $75 misspent, I just am angry how expensive it is to see a doc-in-a-box given that I have health insurance.

      $2k is about $1.5k more than I’m looking to spend on a TV, especially since I keep eying a new laptop which will cost me $1.5k.

      And I keep watching YouTube videos from people who planted seeds at the same time as I have, but their plants are much larger than mine. I’m doing it wrong? 🤷🏻‍♂️ And a handful of the seedlings that I felt confident enough to transplant have died. Oh well, I’m learning…

  3. Bonnie says:

    Black Sheep was fun: very hilly trail, big crowd, St. Patrick’s Day garb, everyone was in good spirits. Cupcakes with icing to lick! I think those were the hardest hills I’ve ever done? Circle was behind an office building with the security camera pointing directly at the ice. Ummm okay. Slim and I made sure to stand behind the camera’s view. Bonehole made an appearance.

    • 🙌🏼

      Given the area some of those hills could have been the ones on which we struggled during ACF’s Moonlite trail that ended at Harry’s Pizza.

      Some day I hope to run trail again. Some. Day.

      • Bonnie says:

        Yeah there was lots of slippery pine straw… Funny, I thought of ACF’s trail yesterday but of course with my lack of geography retention I didn’t realize it was in the same-ish area.

    • Steve says:

      So did they put the ice in front of the camera, or did the camera pan that way?

      The pictures looked like a fun trail.

  4. Saw a couple of photos posted to Strava. Should I be concerned that Jackass is running more trails than I am? 😂

  5. Steve says:

    Remember, it’s Black Sheep, not Moonlight!

    Everything can be a Rule 6.

  6. Geez, went outside to take out some recycling only to find my driveway littered with spiky Sweetgum balls. More exercise for me!

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