I’ll start out by saying that yesterday wasn’t great. Although I did my best to be a good employee, I wasn’t loving it and once I clocked out I was feeling down and just wanted to mope.

I went outside and used my newest toy, a Fisher-Price My First Chipper-Shredder, actually it’s a Sun Joe Tree/Limb Chipper-Shredder which can consume branches up to 1.5″ in diameter. Calling it a “chipper/shredder” is a bit generous, it’s more of a “wood cuber”. I decided that rather than continue to pile branches for the City to take, I should burn those larger than 1.5″ in diameter and chip/shred the rest for spreading in Wee’s Little Farm (especially since my efforts to have wood chips delivered failed and I have not tried again.). For about an hour I chipped/cubed a very small portion of the branches that litter my back yard, before feeling as if its impotence was adding to my sadness. I’ll estimate that I’ll be cubing/shredding branches for months; good thing I have no rush to get this done.

In an attempt to feel productive I transplanted three tomato seedlings into the small pots in which three previous transplants had succumbed.

Wee’s Little Farm is moving forward even with some of the beginner’s mistakes that I have made thus far. My containers of radishes are small but looking good; I have turnips, onion, and shallots coming up; my carrots are struggling due to my errors. The rest of my crops are too small to predict their success; time will tell of course.

Still feeling meh I decided to skip the hash and stay at home doing more pre-rain yard work. For another couple of hours I took off the small limbs from branches that will eventually be fed into my cuber/shredder and then yanked privet roots from the ground. Around 6:30pm I decided that I was done, returned inside for a good shower, reheated some leftover pizza, and retired to my bedroom for the evening.

Last night was the end of the “Early Bird” enrollment pricing for German classes. Perhaps against my better judgement I have decided to try one more class…

My knee has been doing better, but feels a bit stiff and sore after yesterday’s yard work.

Oh, Woot.com has a soldering iron on sale today for $60? Hmmmm, should I buy it and attempt to repair my broken TV???

With the rain arriving in droves today I will stay at home again, this time doing exclusively indoor chores like cleaning/organizing my gardening supplies, and/or my basement.

Hope your week has started off healthfully and happily.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 183.6 (+0.4 from last week’s weigh-in); whoops, I guess there was too much pizza and beer, and not enough manual labor.

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14 Responses to 2021-03-16

  1. I know that I am overly-aggravated by advertising, but FFS I just logged onto State Farm’s website to pay a bill and had to wade through ads for a TV streaming service to get to my accounts. 😡

  2. Your Brother says:

    $60 for a soldering iron seems high.

  3. Bonnie says:

    If you want to try and repair your TV, why don’t you borrow a soldering iron? I’m sure if you clenched your teeth and logged back into NextDoor you could swing one. Or text someone you know in the hash? Do you need another piece of equipment filling up your basement?

  4. Bonnie says:

    I’m finally losing weight again. Not happy that it’s going to be rainy all week…

  5. Bob says:

    First vaccine shot has been scheduled for Friday, who knew that being fat and having high blood pressure would be a benefit!! 🙂
    Looking forward to more face to face time this summer!

    • Friday? You beat me! AND I’M OLD(er).

      • Bob says:

        Well………I am willing to drive for mine as I am driving to Jasper to get it. Maybe that plays in to how quickly I got an appointment 🙂
        And funny as I was looking to schedule I started my search North and West thinking deep in to red country there would be plenty of shots LOL

        Laura got jabbed on Saturday so we will be ready for entertaining soon.

      • Ah. Hapeville was the first option presented to me so I scheduled there as quickly as I could.

  6. Steve says:

    If you think you can repair your TV, I have a soldering iron. It is not high quality, and I don’t remember why I bought it. At least it isn’t one of those from the 60’s with the built in light that looked like a gun.

    In the orifice and busy as can be.

    My excavation through the concrete has finally delivered the water line, the empty conduit core drill into the man cave, and as a bonus, the main power conduit! Now to do some plumbing! (not my favorite).


    • I may know what the tv’s problem is and perhaps how to fix it. Whether or not I possess the skill to do so is a completely different story. I found solder in my basement this morning, I wonder if my ancient 1980s soldering iron is down there too?

  7. Whoa, I just checked the seeds I sowed the other day and realized that I should have been keeping a better eye on them as the microgreens have already grown tall enough to touch the top of the grow tray!

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