Not so happy St Patrick’s Day to me. I am extremely frustrated.

As of last night I have an audio/video setup upstairs that has audio but no video, and an audio/video setup in the basement that has video but no audio. Before you suggest that I combine the two to make one functioning setup, please don’t; that’s not how this works.

I had gone down to the basement to do indoor chores since it was chilly and wet outside. I decided that I wanted to listen to some music while I did my chores so I cranked up the projector, a/v receiver, and AppleTV only to see video but hear no audio. I tried switching input to the receiver from the Roku box, then from my old over-the-air receiver, and then finally the FM tuner, none of which produced audio. I was too fed up to try to debug the problem, and then I was in such a foul mood that I gave up on doing chores. I know that none of the tear down work I did would have come close to messing with the cables or receiver since they are on different sides of the house.

I sure could use a tax kickback to help stimulate the economy, Uncle Sam. How about a small portion of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that you have taken from me over the years? Thanks in advance.

Dinner last night was an amazing risotto consisting of onion, mushrooms, yellow squash, capers, and garlic. In order to make it healthier I served my helping over a bed of spring greens.

After eating dinner I retired to the bedroom where the internet stuttered often before I gave up trying to watch anything on my iPad and closed my eyes. I was probably asleep by 8:30pm.

More of the same today? Geez, I hope not. When the sun comes up, or as is probably the case today the sky becomes a brighter shade of gray, I do have an pending chore to accomplish. My “rain barrel”, a spigot-less plastic trash can, has filled from the rain and drippage that occurs from a gutter. Before the rain starts again this morning I want to fill as many empty jugs as I have on have for future watering needs, and then let the garbage can fill up again. Eventually I will either have a proper rain bucket in this location, or install a spigot into this trash can. Given how (un)successful I have proven to be at building/repairing things the former is probably a better plan than the latter.

Nerd Alert: Today is one of the few days that Atlanta’s sunrise/sunset times are exactly twelve hours apart. I pay a lot more attention to these times since becoming Farmer Paulie of Wee’s Little Farm. 🤓

No St Patty’s Day Mexican restaurant visit for me today. Perhaps by Cinco de Mayo I can be fully vaccinated and feel comfortable enough to drink a Guinness outside an Irish bar.

This Day in COVIDhistory: I watched the Dropkick Murphy’s perform their annual St Patrick’s Day show, this time to an empty club. I don’t know if they are planning to do that again today, not that I currently have a functioning TV setup on which I can watch it. ☹️

May your day be filled with good health and luck. Perhaps there will be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow after all.

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9 Responses to 2021-03-17

  1. About eight gallons of water extracted from the garbage can. And, I just realized that I forgot to change the clock of my grow light / heating pad timer so it was still observing Standard Time, which explains why the lights had yet to shut off this morning.

  2. Bob says:

    I find this funny because you know we all would have said that 🙂

    “Before you suggest that I combine the two to make one functioning setup, please don’t; that’s not how this works.”

    Hope you get it figured out, bugs like that are frustrating

  3. Steve says:

    He knows us all too well. And I agree with Bob- those sorts of gremlins can be frustrating.

    A very productive day at work. Prepared for a coworkers eventual retirement by getting a little cross training. Prepped for weekend work on the 27th. Prepped for a trip to Nashville to replace equipment there (after my second shot of the Covid).

    I posted one of my favorite pictures of the Farls to FB- at the St. Patricks’ Day parade some years ago. He’s wearing a “Kiss me I’m Irish” T-shirt and a huge green bow tie. He was a special one, that’s for sure. I miss him.

    And to complete your St. Patricks Day, one of my favorite Irish toasts:

    “May you be in Heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead!”


  4. Bonnie says:

    Yes, the DKM are having another concert tonight. I will be spending St. Patrick’s Day the same was as last year: watching it and cooking an Irish dinner. Well, technically what I will cook is British but whatever… You could watch the show on your iPad.

    • Meh, too small of a screen, not loud enough speakers. Perhaps I could AirPlay it to the working stereo system or one of my HomePod setups. We’ll see.

      British, Irish, what’s the difference? *ducks*

  5. I just read the following limerick in a Washington Post email newsletter:

    Waffle House
    Fry cooks, teens, cops, overnight truckers
    Stacks of fresh waffles, brown and buttered
    A mug of coffee; toast, jam
    Biscuits, syrup, bacon, ham
    The best: hash browns, scattered and smothered


  6. Sad that stirring my compost, not a(n) euphemism, is the most productive thing that I have done today.

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