Yesterday afternoon I made a quick trip down to Value Village and Dollar Tree. While I had no specific reason to go to either, I wanted to get out of the house and was trying to see if I could satisfy some “needs” without spending big money. At least in one endeavor I think that I succeeded. At Value Village one of the things I was seeking was a device to sieve compost. Much of the compost I buy has bits of sticks and such in it, and for sowing seeds and transplanting seedlings that’s not the greatest thing. What I found at Value Village was a tray with holes, originally created to be veggie basket for grilling vegetables, for the big price of $2. Score!

While at Value Village I also realized why I am looking forward to being vaccinated — to reduce my anger toward people who either don’t wear masks indoors, or wear them so that it doesn’t completely their mouth and nose. I understand that there will be a period of time between now and some time in the future where fully-vaccinated people will start parading everywhere without wearing masks, and that this will cause me angst for awhile, but if you are wearing a mask please wear it correctly for fuck’s sake.

On the drive home I discovered that Dunkin Donuts is building another Drive-Thru on Moreland Avenue, this one closer to Value Village across the street from where El Mexicano used to stand. I hope that they are building enough parking lot space to avoid the traffic congestion the one a few miles further north on Moreland Avenue creates on a daily basis.

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time trying to “debug” my A/V receiver issue in the basement. After trying many, many things including resetting the receiver, I Googled the make/model only to find out that I am not the only one whose receiver has mysteriously stopped emitting audio. So, it appears that this is not a fixable problem and that more electronic waste will be headed to CHaRM. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Tonight is the final German class of this quarter. While I could have diverted the money toward an electronics purchase, I have decided to try one more quarter of classes.

After German class I need to gather all of my tax paperwork so that I can take it to my accountant either tomorrow or Monday.

Hope all is going well in your world today.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Stayed in last night as planned. What wasn’t planned was the hash having a song check on my doorstep LOL. It was nice to see a few hashers for a minute as they serenaded us. Jackass dropped off a beer for a fishhook too, and it was a good beer—a Cigar City Jai Alai. I should have swapped it out with the Recreation Ale in my fridge. 😂 I handed out a few strands of green beads as my hoarding of them over the years probably needed some culling.

    Long-ish story but I got vaccination #1 yesterday! Drove OTP where there is excess supply (which is baffling but that’s another story). I am still in shock that it’s in my arm! Unfortunately the husband is still waiting for his shot. I need to find a place that will take essential / frontline workers—I’ve heard some pharmacies accept this as eligibility. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    We stopped at Cabella’s on the way home and Paulie wouldn’t have been happy with a lot of the customers there…

    • You yesterday?
      Bob tomorrow?
      Kidding, glad you were able to work that out.

      As you know, they also stopped outside Betsy’s. She was confused when she saw a hash mark on her driveway.

      I am unhappy with society in general. We’ve gone through this for a year, and we may have already been over the hump had we had leadership which took it seriously a year ago.

    • Bob Knoll says:

      Extra vaccines OTP does not surprise me at all Bonnie, that is where all the deniers are. Their loss is our gain right?
      Does your husband qualify for the weight restriction? BMI is the dumbest measurement ever, according to it I am obese. However, being “overweight” has qualified me and most of my friends to get the shot.

      • That’s my thinking too, Bob.

        It’s a good thing I’m old otherwise I would have picked the worst possible year to lose thirty pounds. LOL

      • Bonnie says:

        Bob, no he’s between BMI 22-23. He has no other qualifiers. On a vaccine hunters Facebook page I’m on they are saying for him to go to Alabama because they accept essential workers there and don’t require state residency. We shall see.

  2. Steve says:

    I think masks are recommended even after the vaccine, so don’t get your hopes up. I’m still not sure why there is more vaccine OTP than ITP, unless it’s just poor planning (what a surprise!). And why your hubs still hasn’t got it is a mystery. I think Debbie is finally on the schedule for next week sometime.

    A long day yesterday doing other peoples work(!!!) and possibly planning a day trip to the Birmingham branch on Tuesday. Travel still has to be approved quite high up in the org chart, so it’s a maybe.

    I think the last of the rain is out- it went out with a bang as it was P O U R I N G earlier.


    • I’m not going to be mask-less nor eating indoors anytime soon. That’s just me being me, however.

      It was pissing down rain in East Atlanta just a few minutes ago. I guess the ground will be too soaked to work this afternoon. Since it doesn’t appear we will be getting frost (again this spring?) I may attempt to pot up some potatoes to start growing.

      • Steve says:

        I glanced into my excavation last night while feeding the horses and it was quite full of water. Fortunately, I can syphon it out pretty easily.

        Still one skinny band of rain that looks like it might hit, but otherwise pretty clear behind that.

      • Yep, a whole lot of red clay in Wee’s Little Farm which makes pools out of holes. Good thing I’m doing mostly raised bed planting. 😁

        Correct. With the rain passing I almost want to ignore everything else and get some farm choring done. And that rain has reached East Atlanta.

  3. Just pulled the hard boiled eggs from the Instant Pot. Another one cracked? 😢

    At least I was already planning to eat an egg salad sandwich for lunch. 😁

  4. Well that took an interesting turn, I went outside to stop the creation on another bird’s nest on my window sill (a convenient opening in the screen allowed entry) and found a worm drag race happening across my driveway due to the rain. My garden beds and compost bins have some new residents!

  5. Also, trying to get into the German mood by listening to a Werder Bremen woman’s soccer match on YouTube which is broadcast in German.

  6. Don’t know why it took me until 1pm to realize that I should take my tiny plants outdoors to relish in the sun and warmth.

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