I’m struggling this morning. I didn’t sleep well and could easily shut my eyes and go back to sleep at any moment. In fact, I may.

Not much to report from yesterday. I spent the day trying to be a valued employee, and occasionally going out to WLF to chase away squirrels.

Last night I ran the Moonlight hash, which was going surprisingly well until I felt a new tweak in my right leg. I’m just one big bag of hurt. Trail was short, and I misunderstood the “Count Back 40” given to us by the hare at his beer stop. Apparently there were forty marks back to the Beltline, but I swear I heard him say that we were to hash back to the start and then find trail to the end from there. Sorry, Bonnie. Oh well, we knew the end so perhaps we got in more hashing than those who understood the directions? The end was Flatiron, which made me happy. However we overwhelmed them for a Monday night and it took a very long time for out food to arrive. By the time I got back to the ITP Estate it was 11:15pm.

My plan for this afternoon is to spend more time in WLF, I have changes (improvements?) in mind, and perhaps mow the front lawn.

Hope your weeks has started healthfully and well.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 181.2 pounds (+1.8 from last week’s weigh-in); oops.

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7 Responses to 2021-05-25

  1. Back from my morning watering/investigation of WLF, and soon I will be enjoying zucchini and squash. 😁 Some of my other plants aren’t performing to high standards, they are probably not getting enough sunlight because of a couple of very high branches on a neighbor’s tree. 🤔

  2. Steve says:

    11:15?? Holy cow! I was long asleep by then. Perhaps that’s why you didn’t sleep well? And if the hare didn’t warn the ending of the impending invasion, shame on them.

    A good day of work, followed by washing the car! I decided I was too embrassed to take the car in for new tires with it as filthy as it was… living on a dirt road leaves you much less motivated to wash.

    Drove and dropped the car at the gay-rage to get new shoes and an alignment. Hopped on the CX bike to cruise the 18 miles home. Sadly, the route ain’t flat and I took a couple breaks on the way. One busy road I mostly avoided, but while on it, everyone was pretty nice. The DOT has added “rumble grooves” to lots of the highways around here, requiring you to be more in the traffic lane. Always good for inspiring you to ride faster!


    • Yeah, I’m sure my long day (even with naps), combined with eating dinner late, contributed to my poor sleep. Not that I generally sleep well, mind you.

      I have a few spots of bird poo to wash off, and then perhaps some day I’ll tackle cleaning the inside of the M6; this task is loooooong overdue.

      Good on ya! I’ve ridden a few of those rumble grooves, they ain’t fun.

      Wahoo Fitness has released a new bike computer called the ELEMNT BOLT (yes, they’ve named the new one exactly the same name as the one it supersedes). Perhaps a new fancy-pants computer will be an early retirement birthday gift to myself.

  3. Steve says:

    Glad I didn’t need my car today- “Gee… the warehouse changed their order window and we missed getting your tires on the truck. They will be in tomorrows shipment.”

    Give me an excuse to stay home and cut grass!!

    • Bad form by your garage.

      Just came in from WLF. For a second I thought we’d get rain. We probably won’t, so I did a little watering. While out there I ate two snap pea pods, my first pea pod, and harvested my first zucchini. Woot! I can’t wait until I have too many! 😂

  4. Steve says:

    I don’t know if you re-upped your NBC Sports Gold, but they picked up the last week of the Giro. Crazy.

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