I am starting the week off sore and tired. But first… It was a very good long Juneteenth weekend for me.

On Friday Bonnie and I went out to Panola Mountain State Park and did six miles of walking. We walked mostly on the paved path, and wound up retracing some of the area we used for the Black Sheep hash we laid almost two years ago. After returning home and cleaning up, we both rode our bikes to Red’s Beer Garden where we were joined by a couple of other hashers for the comedy night.

Saturday morning found me choring in WLF before picking up trash as I walked up to East Atlanta Village to meet Betsy and Bella. The three of us wandered our normal two-coffee-shop-stop course before parting ways. With heavy rains predicted, I spent to rest of the day going to a couple of breweries — Little Cottage, Sceptre Arts — with Bonnie before eating dinner at her house.

While we did get rain, I’d say that we got about half of the 4″ predicted. My rain collection system collected many gallons.

It was doing my morning choring that I had my first kick of adrenaline. It was still not very bright out and I went to get a bucket of water that had filled. Walking through the grass, while wearing flip flops, something slithered near my feet. 😮 Fortunately for me there was no further interaction with the snake.

With my choring done I relaxed until it was time to drive to Acworth for the Black Sheep hash, my 180th. Just think about how many Black Sheeps I’d have had I not taken a seven year hiatus. 🤔 Of course there had to be a wreck on I75 North, so it took longer to get to Acworth than it should have. The hash was good, though my next encounter with nature was adrenaline pumping for the wrong reasons. During one stint of the trail I was stung by yellow jackets at least three, and maybe up to as many as five, times. Ouch! Then while changing clothes at the end something else bit/stung my two more times. Ouch again!

And that is why I am so sore and tired this morning.

Today I may do Moonlight since the start is once again at Brownwood Park in East Atlanta. We’ll see how the old body feels by then.

Don’t look now, but the daylight hours are starting to diminish. But on a brighter note: today and tomorrow are Amazon prime sale days! I’ve already ordered something that has been on my wish list for many months, saving 33% on the purchase price today!

Hope you had a healthy and happy weekend.

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  1. This bird has just taken up temporary residence on my deck. It seems like it’s a youth, but it also doesn’t appear to be scared or injured. It’s just sitting there, taking in life. Do you know what type of bird it is?
    What’s Up Bird?

    • It has now flown doing into WLF and is sitting on the dead Christmas trees. I hope it’s not a vegetarian looking to score a buffet today.

    • Bonnie says:


      • Barb says:

        We had what looked like a white homing pigeon on the patio last night. It was just walking around, maybe has an injured wing, as it didn’t fly away. Went back behind some hostas & I stopped watching it.
        I’m was alone with the parents last night, what fun! There was a tornado watch in the TV viewing area (not in Cedar Rapids) & my dad was so confused by the weather man. But we couldn’t turn it off!
        Today, I have no idea what to do….. trying to give my brother Tom a break. Need to sneak a bag of stuff into the car to take to Goodwill. Need to fill another bag if i can…..

        Coming home tomorrow – flight at 5pm.

  2. Bonnie says:

    My Moonlight attendance will depend on the weather and my chore load. Oh, and if Nigel cat is doing okay. He gets his vaccinations today and two of my other cats have histories of allergic reactions so I’m always a bit worried.

  3. Steve says:

    The bird looks like a young blue heron. Can’t think of anything else close that you’d see around here.

    There was plenty of rain in our part of the woods Saturday. I almost rode in it- at one point it was fairly light, but decided to ride the trainer instead. I did also get a whole 16 miles Sunday- 8 into the wind and 8 blowing me home. That wind was tough…

    Tanner is feeling poorly. He just doesn’t seem himself. The vet came out yesterday and figures he’s dehydrated. She gave him some meds and told us what to look for.

    Because the US Pro road race was on Flobikes and not GCN, I didn’t see it but I hear it was a great race, won by Joey Roskoff! Well done!


  4. Barb says:

    Another observation, my Dad asks me what day it is so many times a day, I never used to think about the date that much, now I know FOR SURE what day it is….
    Part of it is might be because they have multiple newspapers laying around, but really, I think he just likes to ask the question. Because he certainly doesn’t remember my answer.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Damn Prime Days… I’ve already bought 2 different kinds of camping lighting, albeit at good discounts. Do I *need* then? Not sure… 🤦‍♀️

    • Barb says:

      What kind of camping lights?

      • Bonnie says:

        A solar/USB MPOWERD Luci inflatable light, and solar/USB Luci string lights. One was a lightening deal (over now) and one is on sale plus 25% off.

    • I just had a laugh. I saw my purchase is going to arrive June 23 and I thought “Bummer it won’t get here until next week” and then I realized that is two days from today! 😂

      • Steve says:

        Let me know if you don’t like one. I’ve been thinking of restarting my camping gear for the scooter. Will likely need a stove, though I have a propane stove I used to camp with when I was in boy scouts (!!!). Bur other stuff needs upgrading, too.

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