I guess Atlanta received more rain last night, but my water collection trays were not strategically placed so I didn’t catch a lot of it. My bad. Not that I have much space left in my larger storage containers. If only I had tested and situated that rain barrel…

I hope that the rain didn’t diminish the integrity of the yard waste bags that the City once again failed to pick up. Since they have now missed their schedule for yard waste pickup up for two consecutive weeks I had to “Karen” them again. If I continue to pay 100% of my bill for service, I want 100% of the service for which I am paying.

Last night I decided to skip the hash, even though it started in Brownwood Park, a mere third of a mile from the ITP Estate. I was sore and tired still, uncertain about the weather, and Bonnie read that the place at which I thought the hash would end wasn’t open on Mondays. I believe that I made the right decision.

Yesterday turned out to be a good day for eating the spoils of WLF before they spoil. At lunch I boiled some potatoes and made a potato salad. And for dinner I reheated a couscous dish that contained some of my veggies and served it alongside some green beans that I picked right before cooking them. 😋
This morning I am baking a zucchini bread, which used two of the zucchini on my counter, and is taking much longer to bake than the instructions stated. Now to use the other four zucchini as well as the yellow squash before they spoil.

Not much on my agenda today other than working for The Man and then doing some choring if things dry up a wee little bit outside. If it’s not raining but still too muddy to work the yard I will probably go for a walk to get some much-needed exercise.

Hope your week is off to a healthy and happy start.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 181.2 pounds (+1.6 from last week’s weigh-in); 🐀

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9 Responses to 2021-06-22

  1. Zucchini bread done; it’s a good loaf, perhaps a little on the dry side.

  2. Steve says:

    Zucchini bread just doesn’t sound appetizing to me. I’m sure it’s fine, but…

    a day in the orifice yesterday. Mostly productive. De-installed some equipment and packed to return to the warehouse. Chased some cable, made some patches. But the most important thing of all- got a haircut! My regular barber was busy, so had to use the B team. She did a nice job (considering the material she has to work with- me!).

    I’m verklempt about the Tour de France. I’m afraid it isn’t going to be shown on anything but the Peacock Premium network. I’m tempted to pay for a month of VPN so I can watch via GCN, but worried I don’t quite have the bandwidth. Might just see how NBC rebroadcasts. I don’t have a problem watching a day (or two) late.


    • I’ll say what everyone else will say, if I didn’t tell you there was zucchini in it you’d probably never know.

      Since I’ve not enjoyed my GCN experience I caved and signed up for Peacock Premium, so far, so good. I have been using it nightly watching Monk. Look, I’m preparing for retirement, okay? 😂

      • Steve says:

        What’s the monthly charge? Maybe a month worth… starting Friday!!

        And I like zucchini, I do. I guess I’m looking for a certain sweetness in that sort of bread I don’t think would be there…

      • $4.99/mo with ads
        $9.99/mo without ads
        I paid for a year without ads, $99.99

        And if I could pull the trigger I’d cancel Netflix because I use it the least of all my streaming services.

    • Barb says:

      Kevin is working the Tour, but not sure if he will be out on the course at all. He gets to drive the big team truck, so no idea what else he does.

      Yesterday’s high was 69, it was so breezy, it was beautiful. Nice change from the heat of summer.
      Get to fly home late this afternoon, got upgraded to 1st class (yippie for spending lots of money on the Delta Amex to be silver medallion). But on the CRJ900 & a 1.5 hour flight it’s basically a nicer seat & legroom. Maybe I’ll get a cocktail, who knows.

  3. Forgot to mention that last night I considered watching my favorite hockey team, the NY Islanders, who are in the Stanley Cup semi finals against my second favorite team, the Tampa Bay Lightning. I’m glad that I didn’t because NY lost 8-0 😮🤯😢

  4. Steve says:

    This late word… the fence guys have dropped posts and equipment, so we might see some action on the fence! And Mac is coming back from wherever he has been. It was a companion horse situation and apparently he was too “skittish/energetic” for the other horse? We asked if he could not come back until the fence was done and that seems likely.

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