It was a pretty good day yesterday. Along with doing work that confuses and frustrates me, I went to Kroger to pick up a few necessities, and then joined Bonnie and her hubby at Red’s Beer Garden for trivia.

Anxious times preceded trivia as I watched the Amazon delivery guy (UPS) drive blocks away from the ITP Estate with packages that weren’t due to arrive until today. Side Note: it seems as if all of my orders for the past two days will be arriving ahead of schedule. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Thankfully we had enough time to wait for the delivery before heading to Red’s.

With only the three of us on our team, and being up against twenty other teams, I wasn’t expecting much. But then the first round of questions was incredibly easy. The second round was going swimmingly until I confidently put the highest wager on an incorrect answer. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Certainly we were doomed. To our surprise after the final question we ended in a tie for third place, and had a one-question playoff.

In miles, what is the distance from Atlanta to Seattle?

You know Bonnie’s hubby is a pilot, right? 👍🏼 He went into some sort of trance, spewing the names of planes and how far they can travel as I looked on cluelessly, and then his answer of 2600 miles was a mere 39 miles off from the answer Google provided! Third place and the $20 Red’s gift certificate was ours! 🥳🥳🥳

On an unseasonably cool morning I’ve been up and at’em since 5:00am, using the City’s inability to pick up garbage in a timely manner to my advantage. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure… A house a few blocks from mine is being cleaned out and on there curb was an assortment of plastic bins that might prove useful in WLF. Of course the only other person I saw at 5:15am was an older women outside that house who looked at me askance when I started gathering the bins. There were actually more bins than I could carry, and I don’t want to dig into their trash again, so the City can now reap the spoils of my laziness.

Once I am done with this blog, finish eating breakfast, and the sun comes up, I am going to go out to WLF and do a little choring, including hosing out my new mismatched bin collection. And then, worky-work.

Happy Hump Day, yous guys. Hope you are remaining healthy.

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17 Responses to 2021-06-23

  1. Bonnie says:

    Last night was fun! I was hoping for an adventure of some sort today but I think we will just be running errands and shopping.

  2. Steve says:

    My guess was 2400, so I wasn’t off too far.

    Already an exciting morning here. As I sat doing my work, Mickey wandered by, calmly grazing in the BACK YARD! WTF, O? As I didn’t see anyone else over the wire, I calmly got a lead rope and a bucket with some sweet feed- this trumps even good grass covered with dew. Despite intense questioning, he would not tell me how or when he got out.

    I dropped the truck at the dealer to have the check engine light resolved. Told them they could have it for a couple days, since I didn’t make an appointment. Rode the CX bike home the 18 miles. Not really a bad ride, once you get clear of the traffic around the retail area in Newnan. The speed limit on Gordon Rd. (JEFDSDR) is now 55, and while there are mostly good sight lines and most folks are polite, that would be a drawback of living there still.

    No sign of the fence guys yet…


  3. Morning choring is done. Transplanted a small butternut squash plant directly into the ground instead of into a grow bag; I’m interested to see how it fares. Unfortunately one of my tomato varieties seems to like to rot on the bottom of the fruit prior to it ripening. 🙁

    Ugh, I just ripped open the small slice I put into my left middle finger yesterday so my hand is now over my head trying to stop the bleeding.

  4. Just got invited to an All Hands meeting that will be starting Thursday night at 11:30pm EDT. We are told this time was chosen for the Asia/Pacific employees. I hope they record it as there is no way that I intend on attending the meeting, heck, I’ll most likely be sleeping!

    • Steve says:

      Wow.. I guess the majority of the staff is in that timeframe? Or just management??

      For some reason, I’m having a helluva time staying connected this morning.

    • No, I think most are in the US, they are just trying to be woke to the fact that some of the other employees have to be awake at ungodly hours if they want to attend most meetings.

  5. Lunch of Asian noodles with teriyaki sauce contained bok choy, tiny carrots, and the last handful of snow peas from WLF. 🥳

  6. Barb says:

    Slept in…..then did nothing most of the morning.
    Went out to check the tomatoes, the plants are growing like crazy, but there are almost zero tomatoes. I can’t blame critters yet, as none are growing to steal.

    Flight home want even 25% full, Allan said his flight last Wednesday was pretty full. I guess Tuesday is t the time to fly CR to ATL?

  7. Question last night about the 1972 Dolphins led me to do some research. I remember the Super Bowl MVP Jake Scott used to frequent Benchwarmers when I was drinking there. Looked him up, turned out he died last year at 75 from complications stemming from head injuries suffered from falling down steps. Bummer.

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